Program to run older DirectX games windowed (first link)
Edit: I found a version where the options are in English, you’ll want this one:

Okay, so the program is all in moonspeak, but the basic usage is relatively simple.

  1. Run D3DWindower.exe
  2. Click the ‘+’ button, and navigate to the .exe file you want run windowed (you can also select a shortcut to said .exe)
  3. Click the ‘>’ button.
  4. Run the game normally.

From what I can tell, if you right click on one of the games you add and select the first option, on the first tab there should be two input boxes with ‘0’ in both of them, I believe this is what you would change if you want to force the window to have a different resolution.

I’ve got it working with Fallout 2 and Starcraft so far, but that’s all I’ve tried

Which Operating System? My XP runs FO2 and SC just by double clicking, though there are some older games (of the non Dosbox etc. variety) that I’d like to play without any hassle.

edit:ah, I focused on the “run” part. nm

It’s not to get it running, it’s just to get them running in a window.

It’s useful for people with multiple monitors that don’t want their shit all fucked up or widescreen people that don’t want the games stretched or oddly shaped.