Professor Hawking Ownz Jim Carrey,,2-2003300128,,00.html

Cyborg 1, Stupid Comedian 0.

Blahahahahahahaha, how’d you find that?

Interestingly different!

Its sad that junk like this passes for news… -_-

He’s not a cyborg, he’s a paraplegic (sp?).

I think I’ve seen the skit that they were on. I saw something on Conen O’ Brian. It was funny.

didn’t he make an appearance on the Simpsons? (Prof Hawkings)

Yeah, the Mensa episode.

Yeah, he came to see their Utopia, but it was more like a commercial, artificially processed fruit drink.

Yeah X, if I were you, I’d kinda not believe almost everything in The Sun newspaper. It’s the biggest tabloid newspaper here in Britain and it’s mostly full of complete bullshit.

Well excUUUUUUUUUUSE ME for being a fan of Cyborgs, and Hawking in particular. Besides, you guys created him, you guys should be like, supporting him. Donate more money to whatever fund he has to upgrade his wheelchair. 100k more and he might be able to go for that rocket pack.

Stephen Hawking rules: It’s an honour to have your foot squished by his motorised wheelchair. Jim Carrey should be screaming in joy.

Seriously. He does.

When I was fifteen I was a Stephen Hawking fanboy for about ten minutes … But still, Stephen Hawking <i>does</i> OWNXZOR Jim Carrey.