Ok. I seem to have had a big problem. I was with my friend and my girl and we had goten a little drunk(my girl alot) and then me and my friend just got stoned right? Well when i smoke the refer i get horny right? well me and my girl went up to my room and well…lets just say at 17 i might be a daddy. I aint ready for this shit and of course i want a kid but not now. Her next period is around august 16; but i looked it up and pregnancy tests can be taken up to ten days after conception which will be august 2. She has been hungry and eating everything and normally she barely eats and she is a skinny girl. I don’t have a job at the moment and if this does happen i plan to drop out of school and save up money while she stays in school and finishes her senior year. Any thoughts on anything to do? What i should do? I don’t think there is anything i can do now but wait.

:hint: TELL YOUR PARENTS! :hint:

(They’re the only ones who can actually help you now.)

Another suggestion: Get your GED. I’m certain that you can take GED exams somewhere like a community college or some other community setting. Another place to look is online for information on where to go to sign up to take the GED exams. Schedule a date near the end of the year (if your girl is indeed preggers she’ll take around 9 months to give birth and if it happened during the week you’ll have till around April before she gives birth) to take the test and spend the rest of this year studying. Getting your GED wont do much, but it’s a hell of a lot better than what you’ve got now.

I already told my mom. You see my girlfriend moved in with me because her parents abuse her ((I won’t go into details but one incident involved her dad her sister that is 3 years younger than her, and a baseball bat)) We havn’t done anything like have sex since the 23 of july which is when it happened. I don’t believe in abortion except in special instances like rape and neither does she so the farthest we have goten is really sitting and waiting to be able to take a test.

If pot got you into this mess. Pot can get you out. Go smoke a couple bowls till you get a good idea.

See my first post for a suggestion of what to do next for both you and your girlfriend since I’m too tired and lazy to cut and paste into this post.

But to continue from my previous post. You should figure out whether you or your gf has the most experience in the work force. Whomever has the most work experience will have the best chances at landing a job since that’s the one thing employers look for over anything you can realistically get at this time. If neither of you have held a job before then your plan is fine as it is. But either way it’s important that whomever you choose to be the worker have at least a GED since as I said before, it will provide a slight boost to the chances of your designated worker landing a job.

One more piece of advice though. Cut the crap with the drinking and the drugs. There’s a reason why people say Winners don’t do drugs. People aren’t going to hire you if you smell like pot or alcohol, and you’re not that likely to be able to afford that shit for a long time (especially at the rate you’re going).

Btw, you may want to start looking into landing two or three jobs since you’re going to be earning chump-change with just one.

I planned on getting my GED and dropping out of school anyway cuz school just aint my thing. so that would work out for me anyway. Either way thanks.

Ok, on a serious note. Looking for advice about this kind of thing on a video game message board that you don’t even frequent is pretty stupid. You really should be talking to like, teachers or preists or whatever, parents. You need to give the kid up for adoption, because from what I can tell, you’re an idiot. So I would hate to see a baby raised by some immature pot smoking drunk that doesn’t know how to react to this kind of thing. You just need to ask yourself “How can I make this work” and then do it. But you need to be serious about it. And like whats his name said quit doing drugs and drinking, it doesn’t make you cool or sexy and all it does is shorten your life span. And you’re gonna need to live long and work hard so you can pay off all the debt you’re going to be in. You basically only have the options of some form of abortion or adoption. cuz you’re not going to be able to do anything for the child that someone else can’t do better. You need to get your GED and spend four years at your local community college. I know it sounds like it would suck, but your life is gonna be shit if you don’t do it. Don’t be a lazy idiot.

So you intend to have a child without any college education and being woefully unprepared because of an accident? It’s not like you two were aiming to conceive, it just possibly happened.

Neither of you have the education or jobs to support this life, and a GED won’t cut it either. Dropping out is far from the best solution as if you drop out and she doesn’t, then she’ll eventually shoulder the heaviest part of the financial burden because in this economy, good jobs don’t go to high school graduates.

At your age, I don’t think it’s the best of times to become parents. It’s one hell of a job and one that should be taken consciously. You want opinions from here? Reconsider. An abortion is not the end of the world.

Be ready for lots of midnight feedings and the like. Don’t expect your girlfriend to do everything if you want to be a remotely good daddy. Good luck with everything!

The morning after pill works up to 72 hours after conception. The eating is completely unrelated to the current situation. Assuming you DO end up getting a baby, then do NOT drop out of school. Being able to get a job will help you, your gf and your baby more than anything else. Also, the girl should avoid smoking and drinking til the baby’s born to prevent fetal malformations. You do not want your baby to have fetal alcohol syndrome and come out permanently damaged.

I reiterate the opinion that a video game messageboard is absolutely not the place to ask for advice on this thing.

Uh, her last period started around July 16th. You had sex July 23rd, seven days later, right after it ended. Your girlfriend was probably not fertile on July 23rd. Girls are most often fertile beginning two weeks after their previous period started, then lasting several days – around July 29th through August 1st.

I think it is funny and revealing that nobody has mentioned this yet.

This is not something to rely on; it does not always “work this way.” Cycling is a bad idea. You should buy condoms, and maybe your girlfriend should get on the pill. But the chances your girlfriend is pregnant from having sex once, right after her period ended, are pretty slim.

Enjoy the hole in the pit of your stomach till August 15-20.

I really don’t think education is much of a concern here. That’s not to say it won’t help for him to stay in school, but he’s certainly not completely fucked if he doesn’t. Please. And college? Give me a motherfucking break. What is it with people and acting like you have to be pulling in 100k for your kid to not die? You could raise one pretty damn well on 15k or less if you wanted to, in fact I’d suggest it, unless you want him turning out like all of the other spoiled, self-entitled shitheads plaguing most of our continent. Believe it or not, it’s not the worst fucking thing ever for your kid to not have all the best shit. I feel sorry for anyone who’s even remotely shocked by that.

He is 17 though, it would still be retarded for him to drop out of school if he only has 1 or 2 semesters to go.

And I disagree that a videogame messageboard is a bad place to ask for advice on this. Our most frequent poster is a fucking doctor.

Dear lord the forums reek of stupidity today.

Maybe its because this is a video game message board and not all of us are fathers/mothers yet.

The best thing you can do is just to take a lesson like this to heart and be more responsible.

While I agree that there are better places to ask for advice about things like this -a REAL human being can answers more questions in one sitting- when you’re young and you know you screwed up, admitting it is the first and hardest part, and that’s something your peers CAN help you with.

To sum up the thread so far:

-First of all, yeah, you screwed up. Don’t do it again. And skip the drugs and drinking. Nothing good will ever come out of it.

-Don’t panic, that won’t do you any good. Wait until you know if she’s pregnant, as mentioned the chances are actually low.

*morning after pills, ASAP
*IF she’s pregnant, time to make plans. DISCUSS THIS WITH HER, it isn’t just your problem.
*If she opts to not have the baby, it’s her right.
*if she does want to have it but wants to give it in adoption, that’s another option.
*Having the baby AND keeping it makes it BOTH your responsibilities. If you both work at it -especially with help from your parents- you can pull it off. It isn’t the end of the world, you don’t have to abandon all your plans for that. It’ll be harder, though.
*Don’t drop out. Your chances of having a good career will be less if you do, and that won’t help anybody, kids or no kids.

Hope this doesn’t go beyond a scare, but it if does, best wishes.

First of all, I don’t drink and smoke pot all the time i just do it every once in a while to have some fun. Second, I would never give my kid up for adoption. And third, i had planned on dropping out anyway before this happened. I was planning to be a welder. Its something im extremely good at and they make very decent money. I was just gona get my GED so that i least it showed that I wasn’t a complete retard and dropped out because of failing. Even so if this does happen, then I’m gona go through with it because i think it would show that i would only be thinking of myself to give it up for adoption or get an abortion. Plus, plenty of people have not gone to colledge and lived good lives just because i dont go to colledge doesn’t mean its the end of the world.

She took the morning after pill the next morning after it happened. She then has been taking birth every day since then to stop her from ovulating.

I think cutting the baby in half would be the wisest thing to do. I remember that from someplace.

Don’t take the test until she misses her period. You CAN take an early pregnancy test up to five days before her period is expected, but the chance of a false negative is high. Might as well save the $ since if you get a negative early she’d still have to take another one if she misses her period. and if he gets her period you can save the $20.
If you only did it once, and from the time of her expected period I can go back and guess it was only like a week after her last period, the chance of her being pregnant is small. She wouldn’t be showing symptoms yet- the egg is still implanting itself at this point.
If she isn’t pregnant, I suggest she begin to pop the birth control pills and you wear a condom, if you don’t want her to become pregnant. Also, another accident where either you go unprotected or a condom breaks, you can go to a family planning clinic for the morning after pill. Its not an abortion- it stops an egg from implanting, it won’t kill a pregnancy.
If you were to consider abortion, I’d say to think through your options. I know a lot of people (girls and boys) who have emotional issues from them and regret. So, you can consider abortion, adoption and being parents.
If she is pregnant, it doesn’t have to end your life. You can get a GED, she can finish school. You can even work on a degree online now, so you could work towards a decent career and not get stuck in the cycle of shitty minimum wage jobs. Since your mom let her live with you, she obviously cares and hopefuly would help you guys get on your feet.
I don’t know how long you guys have been dating, but it can be hard to deal with a pregnancy. she will feel like shit and need a lot of emotional support (and eventually you’ll have to help her get dressed/put on her shoes. lol) It’d be easier if you’ve known each other for a long time, but either way there will be stress.
I got pregnant with my son when I was 17, and my life isn’t unhappy at all. It doesn’t have to be a death sentence. Though maybe you should lay off the reefer?
EDIT: If she took the morning after pill, you’re probably fine.