Problems with Outlook Express

Everytime I receive an e mail with an attatchment, the attatchment is gone, and there’s a message that says, “OE removed access to the following unsafe attatchments from your mail”. But half of the time, they aren’t unsafe. I need to fix this before it comes up to bite me in the ass at school. Any suggestions?

Um, how can you be so sure that they’re safe?

Lower your security levels a little.

Yeah, Ren’s probably right. If you’re sure it’s from a reliable source, your security setting’s probably a notch or two too high. “Medium” is probably the best setting to set it to.

Where do I fix the security level?

And I know that they’re safe because I’m sending them from my dad’s computer.

Tools - Options - Security, and deselect ‘Do now allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus’.

That should fix it.

Grrr… Now whenever I open OE, I’m bombarded with 20 or so e mails containing viruses (God bless Norton), but a lot of them come from RPGC staff members. You guys might wanna get your comps checked out, because people are sending viruses to others through your e mails. I’ve gotten 'em from Merl, Sin, SG, Cless, Rirse, X Countryguy, Cid, and probably more that I didn’t notice. Of course, you guys probably already know this is happending.

Yeah, that’s the big issue on the staff forum currently. We’re all recieving obscene amounts of virused e-mail and we are working on it currently…

It sucks though.

The weird thing is, even now that I’ve started blocking them again, I’m still getting the e mails. I got 93 of them last time I opened my inbox. This has to end.