Problems with older games

I’ve been having problems with older games as well as ANY PSX emulator I try to use.
With Diablo 1, PSO, PSXeven, ePSXe, and a few other programs, I get this error:
<img src=“”>
(<b>I have tried using compatibility mode changing</b>)

Edit: With D1, it’s when I open the program, with the emulators it’s when I try playing something.

OS: Windows Server 2003
RAM: 1 gig dual channel, pc3200
Proc: AMD Athlon 64 3800+
Video: ATI Radeon x700 PCI-E interface

Could it possibly be the dual channel or is it really my proc? (I read a bunch of articles saying that athlon 64 processors are 32bit compatible, so I don’t know why it’s doing this…)

Edit: I just read on a forum that if you have IIS installed, you sometimes get errors… I’ll try getting rid of my IIS app since I’m not using it… I’ll let you guys know if that works. (I’m think it might be the new .Net framework in 2003…)
Followup Edit: no luck with that. Stupid thing. :frowning:

I’d personally actually blame Windows Server 2003. It does have problems with a few programs and a few games.