Problems with Nero

Earlier, I was trying to make a CD wuith Nero Burning ROM (Not sure what version), and when I tried to burn the CD, it tried to make a CD Image (Whitc, if memory serves, in a datafile with all the info that a CD has on it) instead of burning it to the disc. I may have messed soemthing up when tinkering with it to install some Quake file…can anyone help?

Whenever I burn a CD, it says the same thing. I just say no and it burns fine…

What happens is, it promps me to pick where I want it saved…it doesn’t give me the option of saying “No”.

And on another note, I just got an error message.When i tried to load some files, it said that it “didn’t support” MP3s. WTF? It clearly said when I opened it that it did!!!

Perhaps it’s confused and is trying to burn a music CD instead of a data one. I’ve never used Nero, though, so I can’t be of much help here.

Um…I WANT to burn a music CD.

Step 1 ~ Open Nero - Burning ROM up.
Step 2 ~ Choose “Close Wizard”
Step 3 ~ Choose “Cancel”
Step 4 ~ Click on the File tab and choose preferences.
Step 5 ~ Make sure the General tab is selected and click Plugin Lookup
Step 6 ~ Look for the file mp3.dll. If that’s not there, then upgrade Nero, and proceed to 7. If it is, then proceed to step 7 without upgrading.
Step 7 ~ Click the file tab and choose new.
Step 8 ~ Look at the left scrollbar and choose Audio-CD
Step 9 ~ Click on the “Burn” option.
Step 10 ~ Make sure the Write and Finalize CD check boxes are checked.
Step 11 ~ Go back to the Info tab and click new on the right side.
Step 12 ~ Add the songs you want on the CD.
Step 13 ~ Click the “Burn” option at the top.
Step 14 ~ Click Write on the right side.
If that didn’t work then I dunno what it is.

STill no worky…I’m going to try re-installing Nero.

Thanks anyway, Steve.

(BTW, there’s a typo in your title. There should be three dots.)

<img src=“”> Exit wizard, choose recorded, change it from image device to your burner.

I can never burn an MP3 disk with Nero. Use Golden Hawk Technology’s CDRWIN program instead, it’s pretty reliable.

However, so far as I have found, Nero is best for straight out data disks.

TD: I’m gonna try that. If that doesn’t work I’m gonna go ahead an reinstall it.

Kagato: Nero came free with my CD burner. :hahaha;

You’re problem will be solved exactly by what TD said to do.

I went to “Choose Recorder”, but the image thingy was the only device.

I’m gonna go ahead with the un/reinstall.

Again, thanks anyway.