problems with elder scroll 3 marrowind

I recently bought the elder scrolls 3 morrowind for my computer. everything looked fine until I tryed to run it. It said that I had to change the display to 32-bit. wich would be ok if it wern’t for the fact my display options only go up to 24-bit. do any of you know wht I should do? :moogle:

Your video card must be ancient.

my computer is a windowME. so its about 5 years old. what should I do about this video card?

:moogle: you dumbass!

hey shut up you don’t know what it is either.

Yeah… I’m sorry to say that computer is probably a bit underpowered.

Dude…you need a Dell…

Wash your mouth boy.

It’s better than my computer, mine can’t even run Elder Scrolls 2. Seriously.

Piece of junk.

Buy one lol. I’d recommend either an Nvidia or an ATI. You can get a decent one for what you want to do that’s only about $50. Or, you could just buy a new computer if you have some extra money.

I barely have enough room for this omputer no way I would have room for a new one. Where would you recomend I buy this video card? and how do install it? :moogle:

I think hellhawk ment that you should throw that computer in the dumpter(where it belongs)and use the empty space for a new computer.
As for a video card, we need to know if you have an AGP slot or not. Newegg is probably the most popular site to buy computer parts online. Installing one is simple, just take out the old card out of the slot and put in the new one. After that, just download and install the latest drivers for the new card. You may have to uninstall the old drivers.

um where would this agp slot be located on my computer? and I can’t get rid of this computer. its the family computer meaning all my relitives crap is on it to and dumping it = slow and painful death.

:moogle: I love your family.

Download this and go to the Mainboard tab. Tell what it says under Graphic Interface