Problem with Windows Media Player.

For some reason I have yet to figure out, Windows Media Player seems to have uninstalled itself or something. Is there a way to reinstall it without the Windows disc? (I have XP.)

It’s not uninstalled, the shortcuts just got removed. But instead of telling you how to fix it, I’ll link to <a href=“”>Media Player Classic</a>.

You could download the current Version from

That should sort out any Problems. Just make sure which version of Windows you’ve got and if you’ve got a old Pc, the specifcations too. and it will stick links on the desktop and Quick launch in the Task bar, and not forgeting the Start menu.

Big Nutter
Win 98 (not win98-SE) users have to download V7.1

Yeah, you want to download it from the Official Microsoft Website if it’s uninstalled. And if it’s just shortcuts, then TD’s … slightly less of a goofball.

It’s not uninstalled, I’d give my left nostril to have it uninstallable. If you want it “reinstalled”, go into your control panel, add/remove programs, add or remove windows components, and then “install” it. But it sucks, do yourself a favor and use Media Player Classic instead.

That works nicely. Thanks, TD.