Problem with chrono trigger

I´m playing Chrono trigger with emulator (zsnes) and i´m stuck. Maybe somebody can tell what to do?

I´m in Arris Dome and I can´t get code from that rat, i have tried to chance L&R=V&B and that doesn´t work, i tried too L&R=V, but not working either. Awwghsshht.

Somebody help please?

Hey there. You posted in the wrong forum :wink:

Copying from the shrine of (i.e. this site) for the game

I´m trying to do that but that doesn´t work… That rat just rans away everytime.

You have to catch the rat before entering the code.

(also, if that’s not the case, did you do the thing about assigning all those buttons to one key?)

It sounds like you’re just trying to talk to the rat. If you haven’t actually caught it yet, you just catch it with A, not all of the buttons.