Problem with asellus quest in saga frontier

I have a problem with the quest of Asellus: I cannot gain the mystic change ability, and Im about to fight Orlouge… help me please, how can I get the mystic change ability

Very carefully.

doesnt help me much…

You’re supposed to be able to Mystic Change just by using a Mystic Ability, either Sword, Boot, or… whatever the third one is. You mean to tell me you have none of those?

I dont even have the mystic sword abiity with asellus

…i have no idea how, since I usually have at least ONE of those by thios point. I think it helps to have Mystics in your party? Who’s in it?

I have about 7mystics in my party but asellus who is supposed to be one cannot become a mystic since she doesnt have the mystic change ability that you can gain in the first big fight in the asellus quest…thats the problem

There’s no way you can not have a Mystic Ability. You automatically get it when you fight the Red Knight (The boss fight at Asellus’s house, waaaay back at the start of the scenario). Check in your Abilities list, under the ‘Special’ Category.

In any case, if you don’t have it, you’re not exactly screwed, so don’t worry. I, for one, never use Mystic abilities with Asellus.

I definitly dont have it…

I don’t mean to sound rude, but I just think you’re wrong. :stuck_out_tongue: There’s no way to not get it. In any case, what are you so worried about? If you don’t have it now, then it’s not gonna do you any good. Whatever you have with her right now is better, be it swords, guns, fists, or magic.

I killed the mage in front of asellus’s house, i know im supposed to get the ability there. The first time I did the quest a few years ago I had gained the mystic change ability but now I dont have it and I have nearly finished the quest

The thing is, you never get the ability, ‘Mystic Change.’ You get ‘Mystic Sword’, then ‘Mystic Gloves’ and ‘Mystic Boots.’ Upon using one, Mystic Change occurs automatically. Are you absolutely sure you don’t have Mystic Sword, Gloves, or Boots? Even if you never use them a single time, you get all of them by the end. Check again, in your abilties list, under the ‘Special’ category.

I checked in all the categories…no signs of mystic sword or boots or whatever…must be a bug of the game

That’s…never happened before. Odd. in any case, they’d be no use to you at the end of the game. Just go on without them.

It may be because when fighting the mystic in front of asellus house I had already many sword techniques…

Oh yeah I remember if your ability list is full then you won’t learn it but if you missed them I think the other mystic enemies ,Lion Princess, Bat Knight and Rastaban, but I think he want’s them to get a differant ending.

the ability list wasnt full…and I fought all the mystics with an empty case in the abilities but no signs of the mystic sword. I want to have the mystic end so I need this ability

If you wanna get the mystic ending, you should probably start over. :confused: It’s really too late to learn it now.