priase cybercompost

I nominate this beer for him. Ok, so it’s not really a beer, and i’m not really nominating anything, HOWEVER one must praise this firm beleiver in the arts.

Its spelt “praise.”

Uh… why?

What kinda arts?

The sensual kind of course.

I expect a touche to this response.

So, um, praise and stuff.

Praise be to CC! bows

ponders who will be in the next “praise”, “rulz” or “I miss” thread

You misspelled it on purpose, didn’t you? So we would priase him and not praise him.

I will priase no one.

Yayyyyy Cyber, you da man! stay cool. see you next year.

See you next year? What? I’m not going anywhere! =o

I’ll be your Valentine (but not in an even remotely sexual way). hug

I am your valentine. in a remotely sexual way.

Originally posted by Shinobi
I am your valentine. in a remotely sexual way.

Same here shin…:kissy:

Yeah, you’re awesome and stuff, whatever.

CC r teh r0xx0r. \m/


:moogle: :runaway: :hyperven: ::dekar!:: :thud: