Presidential Debate Version 3.0

Watching it right now, discuss. Ready…GO!

Whoa, thanks for reminding me. >_< Thank God for internet radio.

EDIT: So far my first thought is me imagining Kerry saying “I FIGHT FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE!!!”

EDIT2: One thing I love about these guys is how they always demand ‘smaller’ government, when there very lifestyle is a direct result of ‘big’ government.

Just get it over with. I’m sick of all the political debate and it’s not even my country.

Great…another clash of the moronic political titans.

I saw the whole thing, I’ll just mention one point.

I think Kerry totally owned the question on Gay marriage. His answer was flawless, compared to Bush’s anyway.

Overall, I think Kerry won over Bush. Though I’m expecting the various news sources and supporters to say different things. The polls will tell in due time.

Nov 2nd can’t come soon enough, so all this nonsense will be over.

Bush almost fucked himself royally by saying " I don’t think it’s credible to cite the largest news sources…nevermind".

My jaw dropped. Georgie porgie almost insulted all of major media by saying they weren’t credible!

Which prooves once more Bush shouldn’t be leading the country =P I’ve never seen such a fool for a president. I really hope Kerry wins, not that I care about him, but seems to be intelligent, which says alot compared to Bush =P

I’ve watched 2 of the 3 debates, and after seeing Kerry in action, I have to admit I don’t really like him all that much, but I like him a lot more than Bush, so… meh. Whatever, I can’t vote anyway.

Kerry won this one…again.

insert nervous laughter here XD

im definately voting for kerry now, whereas before i was undecided between kerry and nader. i think he won when he mentioned that he thinks we need to do a lot more caring for our neighbors in this country.

And I can’t believe I missed all three debates. >_< Fucking TV. goes to download the live videos
However, I’ve read all of the threads here (about the debates, that is) with great interest. Also, We talked about the election (and also a little about the situation in Iraq) in English conversation class. Our teacher brought the paper that was sent to her (I inspected the ‘special voting pencil’ and the instructions on how to vote with great amusement), and she stated to us why she would vote for bush. Although both her husband and son are at stake to be sent to Iraq soon, she sees it as a duty as an American citizen to make this sacrifice because she strongly believes in the troops succeeding on making Iraq a peaceful democratic country; and maybe even convincing the surrounding nations about this type of government. Also, she justified the US being the ‘global police’ as well as the pre-emptive attacking of Iraq as it was called in the first thread by saying “it’s the responsibility of the strongest to put things to order”. This honestly surprised me, because she’s an intelligent, well-educated and mostly open minded woman. But it seems patriotism got the better of her. However, it surprises me even more to see how many people here seem to be actually putting thought and concern into their vote. Maybe there’s hope after all.

If you still want some more presidential debates, or if you’re still unsure who to vote for, see this page for questions that haven’t been answered fully yet.

What’s most interesting is that Ralph Nader is in it, as well.

As for who I’m going to vote for… Meh, who cares, I live in another country. Anything but Bush is good news. =P

Ralph Nader isn’t even on the Massachusetts ballot because he’s not running under the Green ticket this time.

Anyway, anyone who watched any of the debates and who didn’t notice how Kerry sounded much more authoritative and knowledgeable than President Bush on every single issue either works for Fox News or is deaf.

I’ll stream it once I got some free time.
Almost all medias here in Norway cite John Kerry as the winner; which I’m willing to believe, but I’m not making my mind up until I’ve seen the actual debate. I’m certain to agree the most with John Kerry though. Just, as I’m pretty sure I can say, like most Scandivanians.

Debating is John Kerry’s <i>job</i> whereas Bush has held only executive positions. Kerry did sound a lot more confident in the final debate than the first one, certainly, but I would have been very surprised if these debates didn’t help him.

i’ll agree with whoever sasid anybody than bush is good. he has said himself that he’s a “War President” the world don’t need more war, they need peacemakers. glad i live in Canada.

Did anyone else find the tail end of Bush’s response to the religion question chilling?

Anyway, aside from Kerry’s constant Bush bashing I’m with Merl on this one. I remember thinking during the third debate that I could actually imagine him as president instead of just that other canidate.

Dubya seems to be a real windbag in that one. And sometimes, Nader was a BIGGER one.

Bush is a born-again Christian take that in mind…