Prepare to piss your pants.

Just download and watch the clip. It is truly horrifying. I’m glad I watched it this morning and not last night.

Yeah, that’s pretty funny, but I think it’s funnier when he goes around and asks the members of congress who voted for the war in Iraq to enlist their children in the military.

Can’t wait to see it ^^

and hey, if they don’t show it in the US, save a little money and watch it in Canada, lol :stuck_out_tongue:


hAha!! Ahh, not only did he get his point across, but he got to eat all the free ice cream he could cram down before the ice cream man discoved he stold his truck.

I’ll have to see this one.
It looks to be worth cookies!

Okay, that clip was sickening. I HAVE to see the rest of this documentary, and hopefully this’ll make more people aware of what is going on.

Seems like we may have a chance of congress revoking the patriot act if this is true.

I lie his style. I wonder when this movie will be available in torrent…

whispers in people’s ears that it is more about Congress passing stuff without reading it and how it goes deeper than Bush and 9/11

I can hardly wait! That looks to be wonderful!

Good thing I emptied my bladder before viewing that.

Which is a GOOD thing.

Doesn’t it come out on June 25th in both Canada and the U.S.?

How is it good that Congress will pass things without reading them first?

My speakers are bad so I couldn’t understand a word that was said. Can someone type out the gist of what was said?

Moore: How could Congress pass this Patriot Act without even reading it.
Congressman: Sit down my son. Look, we don’t read most of the bills. stuttering Do you really know what that would entail if we were to read every bill that we passed?
Moore: (I couldn’t believe that virtually no member of Congress had read the Patriot Act before voting on it.

Then Moore decides to read the Patriot Act to Congress.

[guy] No, son, we don’t actually read the bills… do you know what that would entail, completely reading every single bill we pass?

[narrator] Well, apparently, no one in congress reads bills, so I took it upon myself to read the patriot act to them!

[guy in icecream van through speakers] begins quoting the patriot act while driving around confused politicians

Uh…dude, not what I meant, I meant it’s a good thing Moore revealed it.