Preeesenting the amazing adventures of... Bibleman!

(No harm meant to sane Christians)

Oh noes! The devious Wacky Protester is using his right to free speech to threathen Christianity! This is a job for Bibleman, Biblegirl and that… Token Man (Cypher, Cyphro?)!

The new Bibleman, Josh Carpenter*, must blaze his path, fighting glorious battles against foes such as Doubt, with his mighty lightsaber! Wohoo!

I only wish I was kidding.

Behold! Are you brave enough to brave the hellish depth of Diablo- wait, wrong game. Could have fooled me, though.

Even better, it’s based on a movie.

Was there ever a Christian-themed game that didn’t rip off something else?

*Gosh, that’s a little bit of subtlety there. /golfclap

The video also reminded me of that Game Gear game, Smash TV. As for the story of Bibleman’s amazing adventures… low hanging fruit.

Yes, I’d heard of Bibleman before, and as a Christian AND a Superhero Fan let me state I find it just as tacky as you do. I also find it hard to believe they actually made a video game out of that movie! This is about as subtle as “Fahrenheit 911” is unbiased. I believe people should decide their beliefs and then find a Faith that suits them, not the other way around.

Still, it’s mostly harmless, especially in this Grand Theft Auto days. Oh, and most Christian games are based on Biblical stories, so no they don’t all rip off other stuff. If anything, JudeoChristian concepts get ripped off a lot more by other people (see all the Angel-based Animes, for instance.)

Aw man, Bibleman is awesome. Just look at this awesome song and dance number! You’ll be in awe.

You’re kidding me. That’s great! If I can get a projector in the party venue, I’ve got my next carnival costume.

Um… wow.