Pre-1000 Tradition

If I would, could you?

If I would, would you?

If I would, should you?

Bandwagon lol?

What makes FF9 stand out from all the other RPGs you’ve played, seeing as its your favorite?

Yes. Yes I do.

Why, to deprive you of any cookies you ask for, of course.

Well, there once was a time when AIM would spit out good substitute names for those people who had their first choice name already taken. I had the option to do this, so I chose the one with the abbreviated form of Trek and Jacob squished together. I’ve been using it ever since.

Celebratory emoticons for celebratory occasions. Plus, the spinning cloak reminds me of magic tricks.

I don’t think that far into the future, but if I had to guess, I say what any self-respecting gamer would say. Ruling the world.

No, but I’ve upgraded slightly to painting in addition to the drawing.

To put it quite frankly, I’m smuggling heroine, plutonium, and some illegal mexicans in this train car. Unfortunately, because I have told you these things, I must now dispose of you.

I do, it’s just that this chair is really comfy :slight_smile:

Because all beings are inevitably attracted to my presence.

[strike]JLO[/strike]…Live for today, the past is past, and always do what you can to help others.

The anti-SoCal.

Chucky Cheese.

They took the Tums with them.

I feel this is the perfect tome to uncover the plot. You see, everone in the world has conspired against you to always prevent you from having rum. We all have special beeperd that alert us to your presence and every time you’re within 10 miles, we are required to drink all the rum in sight, preventing you from having any.

Drizzt Do’Urdan

Uhh, I don’t do the whole man on man thing.

Yes, it was me. However, I’ve realized that there’s isn’t any real point in berrating people for there actions on the internet. The decreased presence might have been from my decreased presence due to the fact that I was a rare visiter from September through January.

But of course…at a price.

See above.

Yes, it’s all a matter of will power.

Why wouldn’t I?

Do you mean something like, “if I was being redundant should I keep being so?”

I like-a zee band wagon.

I really liked the story line and music. Characters were a little wierd, though (Quina… + Zidane is a monkey)