Prank phone calls and I

Well something weird happened last night. Its Sunday morning as I type this, and last night, we had shut the ringers off on our phone, so we wouldn’t be bothered on a Saturday night. We being my mom and I. My dad came home a bit later.

So, at around 8 o clock last night, we got a phone call. Since our ringers were off, we didn;t hear it, and great sport that the guy was, he left a message. A fucking terrifying one.

Anyways, I woke up in the middle of the night after going to bed late. My mom heard me get up, and sat up with me for a few minutes. Then when I went back to bed, she just checked the phone messages randomly, which is a very unfortunate thing…

Some jackass phoned claiming he was death. The way she described it to me, sounds horrifying. The guy was moaning and growling and said things like “I am death…you dont know me…I don’t know you…death is happy…” Like gross things. Yes it doesn’t sound scary but the way he said it…she said it just chilled her bones. Like he just droned on in this sick deep tone of voice, and then started to make threats. Wouldn’t it suck to hear something as incriminating as that at 5 o clock in the morning?

When she woke up, she traced the number (and deleted the message, sadly) and phoned this guy, who lives across town and said someone from that household had phoned us and threatened us. The guy was all confused, and he said he had a 14 year old son, but couldn’t see him doing something like that. He said he’ll talk to his son to see what happened, but we can’t do anything more than that since my mom deleted the message.

I am really disgusted. If I had heard something like that, I would have fucking freaked. I already got two prank phone calls-by two young boys-earlier in the month, both phone calls being stupid and when I wouldnt respond to them they started giving me obscenities. Im just wondering if these are the same boys. Who in their right mind would fucking phone a random person spewing shit like that?! My mom was so terrified, and when she told me, it just…ugh. It wouldn’t have had such an effect on me, but last night, the ironic thing is, my dad and I spent the latter part of the evening discussing death, and people dying, and if there are things that return to say goodbye (we were mostly discussing family members who had passed away…among other supernatural things…plus we were watching stuff like Most Haunted) that those things could never hurt me. Like, I really get scared easily, and he was telling me most supernatural stuff is bullshit, but when people die, something MUST happen, and he told me a few things that happened to him that really spooked me. But among the main points was that death could never hurt me (ironic statement, but think about it).

And then a phonecall about death? Technically it occured before my dad even came home, but to hear about it afterwards? I hope that little son of a bitch who did it gets reprimanded.

My other moral of the story is try not to phone my house, now, if you’re doing the pranking thing. My steady heart beat depends on it ::dekar!::


I hate telephones. Which is why I don’t take them. Silly things.

I hate phones. And some people are sick…

Sometimes I get bored at night. Sorry.

Your dutch ass should suffer the consequences then!

I used to prank call in my younger days, but I never did anything like that!

Too bad you didn’t get to #69 his number; then you could have hunted him down.

oh we did, that’s how we were talking to the man who had a 14 year old son. He’s a pettyofficer and even offered to be checked out, and gave us his address. I don’t know what else we can really do.

I’d be much the same if something like that happens. That’s gotta be horrible.

but when people die, something MUST happen

It does? Why? Seriously.

Something does happen. Your body starts decomposing.

Well played.

We were debating the possibilities.

The body might get frozen in a glacier and preserved for all eternity too.

I would have kept the messages and pressed charges, making death threats tends to be illegal even if it is a prank call.

I could just see death calling someone on a phone…

Yeah and I get all paranoid over stupid stuff like that >>

He uses the teleBONE, haha. Sorry.

No sorry. I used to get calls like that from the same guy over and over all on the same night, with like half-an-hour breaks in between them. I did one back and his Mum rang later and yelled at me for some reason and said it was me, then I told her it was him. He did it another time and I didn’t hang the phone up so I could prove to his mother that it was him.

Oh and phones, dialup has one advantage.


Yes for some strange reason I thought about you Nulani.

Nul has such a manly voice.

i have done prank phone calls, but normally its to a business and they are just weird. not sick but kinda not everyday things.

that type of thing is sick though, you should press charges.

one of my favorite was to call a locksmith and tell him that i was locked in my car doing about 90 on a freeway. ( the locksmith was about 70 yrs old and actually belived me, it was so funny)