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I knew there was something else I had forgotten :stuck_out_tongue:

This feels like some kind of dream and I would be quick to pass it off as death were it not that I can still feel the mind of the one who it has seemed, failed to lay me to rest. But beyond that I know not where I am and why I am not at rest. Although I suspect destiny has reasons for wanting me aboard the ship that my beloved serve’s as crew for, and that I will not regret being part of the eventual demise of my half son, the fledgling and false god, Sephrinoth. And the monster Jenova, She too will meet her end tonight. But first, ‘We must have a reason.’ Cloud had said, not knowing that I was among his crew. My name? Lucrecia, My destiny no longer mine alone, with Vincent or the…? I will wait, and be content to serve.

It’s never enough, Iv’e tried living in the back, pushing him right now just isn’t enough anymore, he’s going the wrong way and needs to have everything I can throw at him right now, let’s start with the
classic, Marriage is equality, so god be dammed if I end up a fucking servant all my life! If he doesn’t like it, fine with me and he can go jump. "Shera, I, I don’t know what to say right now!? Is that the best he can come up with? “Say it’ll be worth it or I’m leaving you stranded without the Highwind!” Under the lusty gaze of the ship he has eyes that match as he says nothing, just tackles me to the ground and begins making up for the last dozen years. At last, everything is going right in life.

Do’s it alway’s hurt like this? Why did’nt for everything and everyone else, not even his father could draw out what’s left of my human side, but Lucrecia felt/…FEELS so different then that. Am I waking up? Is that it? I walk these so-called familiar corridors with eyes that see gun-metal grey as the pearl-white of…
Nothing is going right, instead of my dearest having no more ties to me, she is on my mind more than
ever, especially here aboard the Highwind. The only place I can call home anymore, with the only friends I have as well. How can I abandon it? I should be happy irregardless, yet I cannot decide whether it is I who is destined to haunt her or her to haunt me? I must put it out of my mind, Vincent, I tell myself. But it never works, Nothing do’s.

The clock in my room says one-thirty and It’s hard to keep my hand’s from shaking, I should’nt push myself
this way, so hard that I can’t command Cait Sith, not that it would matter if he’s working anyway… Why do’s nothing seems to work, Is Cait Sith Really dead? Or am I just not meant to bring him back this time, unlike all the times before when he was broken or dead from fighting. Perhaps’ I must take this as meaning that my own skill is nothing without a lab to work in. The meager tools I have onboard the Highwind are nothing compared to Shinra and without them i fear Cait Sith, Being a very advanced piece of technology, is lost forever. I will not let this stop me from continuing on other projects. I don’t want to have to have given up like Cid.

I can’t help noticing it more and more lately, this THING on my arm and what it means, what I’ve done with it in my life, Could Cloud have done better, with this kind of power? there are things he can do of course
but could he understand? It just got so much harder when took over, now he’s me, more than ever, I’m losing
my own reality and I’ve never been so scared of dying like Dyne, dear dyne… Would you Approve, Could you Approve? You always knew her better than I did, how I won I don’t know but I hope it’s over, Dammit it’s got to be over, I couldn’t stand seeing either of you again. If you knew what it was like going through what I have… Or do you? Do you consider that all revenge of a sort, are you bitter now, is that it? Listen to me,
Am I going mad like him?

So they’re the last of the rebellion, Yuffie tells me, thats nice, maybe one day I will go back and look around, make an effort to remember you, for what it’s worth I still think we had a chance back then, If only I’d said yes to you in the end, Jessie… did it hurt? I hope not, I would never want you bad off or in trouble without me like the old days. Why Shinra or the Rebellion came between us I have no idea, it just seems it all began when we lost Gillian to the gang’s influence’s, you left after that, started blaming me for spending too much time as a mercenary, as a Turk. It hurts to think of you being right but now I see, I just wish I could have told you in time…

He’s trying, were all trying to stay together, but why should we, Rude just takes it and never shows anything at all, How can Reno keep being as cocky as he is, he would be to, except he only worries about
the girl from Wutai, So it’s just me holding the group together and waiting to fade into the background like
you, Am I going to die, Is that it?

Why I’m standing here I don’t know, working with them, fighting with them, being with them at all. It just puts one more nail in your coffin, how I’m supposed to stand it just to put you at rest… Is it even worth the pain that seeing their faces bring’s to me, Cloud, the leader - Just another puppet,
Tifa, the barmaid - A cheap slut, Barret, the hitman thug - A Petty gangster. Not even Reno and Rude can help me now, Tseng, have you truly left me?

We’ve come so far, I wonder what we have to go through next and if it will ever come to an end, According to
an old saying ‘every journey begins with a single step’ so maybe I should back instead of forward? I’ll start again. How bout, ‘Such a long journey…I have to ask myself, knowing how things have turned out, would we have been able to change them, could we have, or would fate laugh at my pretensions of how it would turn out? All I know is I have been surprised by many things, such as the truth of who Cloud is. I just have to come to accept this knowledge in time and I know that I will, just as he has accepted himself,’ there, that should do it.

I’ve never been the introspective one, until lately, it just seems easy to let it out onto paper, so here
go’s ‘Amazing what we all know needs to be done and where we were willing to go to do it, caves, jungles, and the depth’s of space. And all to save the world, so crazy that it just might work you say? probably, I’m beginning to think so myself, and would love it if someone else was up to my shoe’s, but that’s
not how things work, is it, my old friend?’ Did you really want it this way, or do you lack someone, the way I used to? I hope you can be with her soon, and hope I can say goodbye.

Energy potential is something that builds naturally within as you get stronger, but your sensitivity to it
takes special skill in the magic arts, or so I am told, for Yuffie has said she has not had such training
and yet she senses the same thing I do. Irregardless it is obvious that from the power I sense, this false god Sephrinoth is becoming must be stopped. If Yuffie were to awaken ten times over it still do
no good in being naught but a thorn in his side, The only hope now lies in us banding together as a whole, one and all. If even one of us stumbles, just a little, we will lose it all. We must be ready.

Nanaki can be curious all he wants and I’ll tell him the same thing, I don’t know how I learned to sense power better than him, but he’s got to get a grip or we’re all going to die, I know my power and I know I would be no match for what I can sense in this Sephrinoth or the monster Jenova from that other realm, It is our duty too send them both there once again, One way or another, I will NOT fail my families’ task’s and responsibilities’ as the guardian’s of the planet. I must hope the others can be as dedicated in their own name’s and will trust themselves and their allies.

Gee, I don’t know, smuggle me and my men onto the airship piloted by guy’s who hate turks more than anything else in the world, I donnu’, sounds INSANE to me, but you must know by now that, Babe, I’m not letting go of you for rulership of Shinra, The reason we got into this isn’t fond of me but I still he could be better off knowing I’m on the Frigg’n ship wouldn’t he? Or do you know sumthin’ I don’t? I’m just looking forward to not havin’ to hide half the time. I mean would’nt this ‘upset at me’ vs. ‘me in the fight’ be a better idea?

Chapter 2,

‘Where am I marching,?’ March March March, ‘It must be to somewhere,’ ‘Or could it be I have nowhere to go, nothing to do, not anymore, not since,’ For the lonely warrior, time is no barrier as the memories spill forward. The scene is a moonlit sky on the castle grounds and he is set to do away with what has three-fold
a curse upon his life, once for his honor, again for his truest friend, and lastly for his love in this life, What reason could hold him back now? Among the crowd demanding Justice are two who stand out in many
way’s, the most apparent due to the shoving from those who note they are encouraging me to hold back. But for what purpose? Honor, What honor is their in slaying someone you have fought with?, Truest friend, What would you say, Cyrus?, Love, Once more among the crowd and I let the blade drop. As he is fleeing the guards
he promises to see me again.

Now I have been banished from my time and home, sent to live in the future with my friends, as I have chosen to, why them over my old life? Because dear Cyrus, you taught me two things, always’ lead the life of the warrior, even if the life of the warrior leads you into hard choices sometime’s. and so when a year ago Crono heard a rumor that his old master was still alive and advised me to meet him I parted from Lucca and the rest of them to grow stronger, and now I am ready to return, having learned all I can. It will be good to see my old friends again, Perhaps I will be able to finally best Crono in battle?

The start of the tournament is coming along good so far according to the Princess/I mean Marle, She asked me
not to be as formal as Crono has been since the war against Lavos, it took me a long time to corner him about why he was acting so weird, and he finally confessed what happened with the king, “He WHAT!?” I believe were my exact words, “Shhhhhh… Don’t let Marle hear you, she’s not supposed to know” He practically shoved me into the closet, he is so cute when he panic’s! Too bad i can’t let him know that, “Why not?” I shoved him back a little harder and into Marle. “OOOOFFFFF!” “EEEEEEEHHHHH!!!” “Whoops”
This is why I haven’t got a chance with Crono, Dodging the two of them, I tried thinking of a way to save myself.

Crono hoped he could earn a official title and the king’s favor with her daughter by winning the tournament,
that would be his choice as prize and surprise for marle, he’s not sure whether to tell her why before or after his tutoring is up with the other lord that the king assigns him to. I think he should tell her if/WHEN he wins (why do I have this strange doubt???)

I can’t wait to tell Glenn, I wonder what he’ll think, if he’ll want to join the competition, I wonder if I could talk him out of competing? Probably should let him show off. I’m glad the king approved it after I thought of adding ticket sales to a charity of his choice, I can’t keep count of the names of inner council-members who wanted the money for private projects, (I will never ever be able to say ‘Pork barrel’ with a straight face after that day)

Becoming a knight was great but I still wonder if everyone was this afraid, going into battle against raiders and fighting, killing them… I’ve never gotten over killing someone, not completely, what do’s
that say about me, am I not effective enough inside? Either way I wish Glenn was back a little more now,
so he can help, I hope.

I have been alive for a long time and had twice that amount to contemplate matters in the future, before I go I would like to see my old friends once more.

Sitting from the end like I do gives a pretty clear view, it also tends to make me a bit eccentric from time
to time, but I wasn’t up for jokes when Spekkio mentioned a tear in the upper realm #314. I asked him to get them together while I begin the reconfiguration, I trust him not to demand too much later.

Upon my returning to the city gates a strange event occurred, I met a man staring at a patch of soil indistinguishable from it’s surroundings and itself yet it seemed very important to the stranger and then I noticed him to be in a trance on his feet, of all things! The scene was most uncanny and I decided to leave his fate to the godesses and hope we meet again.