Powerpuff Girls Z

Oh, that was just below the belt, little girl

Meh, I was just trying to point out that there argument was pretty dumb, but yeah. The Cutey Honey thing still worries me.

You did, and it was really rude.


Did he say anything else the people should know? :3

Yes I did

Creeeeepy. >.>

I think kissing a corpse is creepy

You asked a 12 year-old if she’s a lesbian? Pervert.

I know thesbians that are younger

Hahaha, oh wow.
Sup pedo.
Also, what do thesbians have to do with this?


Have some Decency… wait for some time like 6 years…

I have a 2 by 4 with your name on it…

I should find a proper weapon for you… Ok, Go below the belt 2k!!

I think it’s beautiful.
Oh, and it’s not so much asking a twelve year-old as asking a girl who is barely half your age and eight years younger than you that’s getting into the creepy zone.
Finally, I just watched the episode of this, and I have to say I’m worried for the sanity of my Japanese pen-pal’s little sister.

I’m not really into lesbians, though. I like straight sex