Powerpuff Girls Z

Yes, for real!


I liked PPG but mainly for the clever satires. I doubt this version will be like that. Might still be fun, thought.

. . .

Surely that site has inadvertently caused the death of many small woodland creatures :frowning:

Hm, this short description of the team gives me a bad feeling. Shimogasa Miho on Character Design? I really don’t want to see the POWERPUFF GIRLS in Cutey Honey style transformations. >.<

Also, I really doubt this will have the satires, too. The way this was created entirely for a foreign market, most likely, it’s not going to satire Japanese cultural literacy, and it most likely won’t satire American culture, either; satiring another culture is hard to do well, especially in kids’ show format.

This is the best idea from Japan since live action sailor moon

What, that live action sailor moon was even better than the original anime series

And I mean the one from Japan

Bubbles stole Sailor Pluto’s staff.

As demonstrated in the Eva thread, your opinions, especially those regarding anime, are of no value at all.

I didn’t do anything bad


Mojo not Mojo-jojo… Poop!

I knew they like it. But make your own… They Love it…

I was trying to insult him politely. Way to screw it up for me.

Maybe it’s better NOT to insult other posters in ANY way. Can we get back to the topic?

Hey, I hadn’t realized there was a download of part of the episode at the bottom of the second page. Check it out, if you haven’t already.

If people can get away with insulting me, maybe I should insult them back

And keep the cycle going? That would be a) pointless and b) would only get you in trouble. Just repeat my mantra, KB: “If they don’t like me they’re not worth my time. I’ll ignore them and have fun.” Does wonders. :wink:

One: you probably can’t because the general population hates you.

I am actually wondering if this is a serious show, or just a spoof.


as long as i can fap, i’m good.

I’m sorry for derailing your thread, Wil.

There’s just something not right about seeing the Powerpuff Girls not being reallly, really short.

I never did anything to any of you

You asked me if I was a lesbian. 0-0

I heard about it awhile ago, but it’s still really screwed.