Powerglove- Awesome Videogame Metal

http://www.myspace.com/vgmetal \m/

Oooh, yeah. Very good stuff there.

They’ve got the style for US power metal. They should play that.

They basically do. I dunno if they’re actually capable of writing real metal songs though. It’s not very heard to turn those songs into metal songs, as they were pretty metal on their own.

Judging by the covers it’s hard to say if they got any composing muscle. Perhaps I shouldn’t judge a band by its [strike]no, wait![/strike]

I’m impressed, this is pretty good. I’ve been looking for something new lately.

Edit: God damn, I got the rest of their tracks and they are really good. Their next CD looks really promising, a CV medley, FF4 medley amongst other goodies.

I had my doubts.

And stand corrected. This is good shit. I’m buying their CD really soon.

If Galbadia Hotel hasn’t bastardized it and smacked it on their site already.