Potential EU release for Mother 3

[quote=<A HREF=“http://www.starmen.net/”>Starmen.Net</A>]<div align=center><h2>Mother 3 to be Officially Released in Europe?</h2></div>

While we’ll hopefully have much more official confirmation within the next few hours, there has been word recently that Mother 3 could be getting an official release in Europe. Who’d’ve thunk it? Anyway, this news started after it was listed as an upcoming game in <A HREF=“http://www.officialnintendomagazine.co.uk/”>Official Nintendo Magazine</A>, the official European Nintendo magazine and semi-counterpart to the American Nintendo Power magazine. The scan can be seen below, and comes courtesy of the awesome Archaic Sage.

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Remember, this isn’t 100% super confirmed or anything, but still nice news. Let’s wait for confirmation before we start partying and mass importing yet again. More details/discussion can be had <A HREF=“http://forum.starmen.net/?t=msg&th=23972”>here</A>.[/quote]

Not neccesarily confirmation, but something to cling on to. Of course, Nintendo Power (Nintendo’s American propaganda magazine, for those who don’t know) has been known to announce games that never ended up being released, including an 8-bit version of SimCity and the 8-bit Mother game, under the name Earthbound. Hopefully, though, this is legit, and we can play the game in english, <I>officially</I>.

<SMALL>Also, as a side note, it’s hilarious that issue four of UK’s ONM happens to have the same cover as a recent issue of Gamestop’s official magazine, <A HREF=“http://www.gameinformer.com/”>Game Informer</A>.

Now, now. It’s not NP’s fault NoA management decided to never sell Earthbound (NES).
(one particularily well-known site devoted to unreleased games, especially NES games (probably can’t link, since they distribute ROMs of the NES games when available), says they talked to the localizer of the NES translation. Says that NoA finished the game, but decided to hold it off on the manufacturing/distribution, etc. until they felt the time was right. And that time still hasn’t come. Hopefully with the Wii. I mean, is it going to be any more difficult or expensive to put the EB proto up than to put up something like SMB3 that will no doubt be on there?)

The fact that Nintendo had fully localized Mother (8-bit Earthbound, aka Earthbound Zero) is pretty well known these days. NoA management simply didn’t think that RPGs would sell in the US, not to mention that they wanted to focus energy on their new SNES system, and ripped the title. I had hoped that they would have finally released that full translation with Mother 1+2 on GBA, but they clearly decided not to. Now I have little-to-no hope of seeing an official English translation of Mother 3 at any point in the future, but this at least tells us that it could potentially be possible.

oh wait, this is the UK nintendo magazine thing isn’t it?
Oh well, as long as I can get ahold of an english copy somehow.