Posting Count

Not quite. Honestly, I’m just confused by that lack of princible it radiates.

It is the principle that bothers me! I don’t need 9999 to be happy! While the roleplaying board WAS inactive, it was inactive WELL over a year ago, now, as many have said, it is one of the MOST active boards.

I didn’t post this to hear, oh, post count doesn’t matter, I posted to get a good excuse . . . i found none. Thanks for trying val, I know you have nothing to do with it - its the creators of the website who don’t give a damn about the roleplayers, as you said, and that much is VERY clear.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for a post count to come, its not going to. I understand perfectly well that the people posting meaningless dribble:

“My e-penis is almost 662 times as large as yours.”

are the ones who get post count, and that they care nothing for it . . . because they have it.

Meaningless dribble. You don’t get the point, I’ve worked hard all my life, thank you. I write because I enjoy writing. Done. If you don’t understand what i’m trying to explain, whats in front of your face, don’t post.

Once again, I don’t give a damn about HAVING the post count - I simply wanted to know the reason why behind it. If all I cared about was having post count and being popular, I OBVIOUSLY would not have posted this, which is a good way to make people dislike me. I really don’t care what people think of me . . . this is simply my own curiousity and disgust which has led me to this topic.

If the reason behind it all is because people don’t give a damn about writing, thats fine. Thats the answer. Lovely.
I won’t bother with other forums anymore, i’ll stick to the RPers forum, and if something interesting and meaningful comes up on the other boards, i’ll post as I have in the past. I couldn’t get a good excuse . . . I wasn’t expecting one. Perhaps i’ll try in another year.

If you don’t think this reason is ‘good’, well whatever, but that’s the reason.

To be fair, you sound as if you’re trying to play the victim a little bit. Lamenting that the staff ‘doesn’t give a damn’ about RPers is a little much when the site was never designed for inter-personal roleplaying to begin with, and they’re really under no obligation to provide such a forum at all. The site started over ten years ago as a source of information mostly for console roleplaying games, JRPGs and the like.

If you enjoy the roleplaying in the RP forum, that’s great. Shouldn’t that be enough? If you have a good time with someone, then doesn’t that mean more than a number under yours or their name?

When we first started the RP forum, a lot of people would spam it with meaningless posts or do posts that contained four or five words (“TORATH DRAGONSLAYER IS KNOCKED BACK”) and because we shortened the between-time for posting to allow this kind of rapid back-and-forth exchange between RPers who happened to be on at the same time, we wanted to demotivate people who spammed for the sake of a post count from spamming. We don’t get these types of characters much anymore, but there’s really no reason in changing it. There’s your reason. Inertia.

If you don’t like it, then you might want to evaluate that whole spiel about “not caring about post counts”. So what if you get welcomes twice? So what if your “work” is not tallied? No one else seems to care enough to make a topic, because they don’t correlate post count with respect, or work. And honestly, neither should you. Someone can reset my post count to zero and I could post in the RP forum and maybe get a welcome. Cool. So what?

If an RPer can’t have fun, and thinks that the board <i>is not interacting back</i> unless each post ticked a number up, then that person’s got other issues to deal with.

Because this is so not spam, right?

sighs once again the point missed. Ok :slight_smile: Thats fine, i’ll drop the subjcet.

When I hit 3000 posts, I’m gonna buy a pony. :3

No, it’s not. It’s a one line retort. From an admin, whom you ASKED for us to actually LOOK at your complaint.

I’m a roleplayer myself, in various forms of the form. Some just do it in single-player oriented format (Commonly called Roleplaying Games), some do it in a multiplayer oriented format (Boards, multi-user shared games which are half chat interface half code in the background for regulated actions, MMOrpegers) and some go for the classic tabletop. I do all three and I just DON’T GET YOUR COMPLAINT. Other mods and regular visitors have commented and covered the issue in length, width and height already. If we TRULY did not care about writing, would we even HAVE a RP/Media forum AND a Fanfiction section on the main site?

Seriously. I’ve reset people’s post counts for crap like this, it’s a MEANINGLESS NUMBER.

In fact, I’m halftempted to disable it entirely. Maybe once Sinistral hits 10k.

It is not spam because I define it as not being spam.

Only post count I ever cared about was when I hit 984 back on the old EzBoards. It should be rather evident why that number.

Really though, what is the purpose of post count? Just to show you’ve posted more than others and, probably, have been around longer than others? At one point, we mods discussed possibly not having post counts all together.

The reason FreeRPers do not get post count, apart from being the scum of the universe, was a combination of what Cless and VE said. It was believed that FreeRPers would use the board just to up their post counts precisely so they could have higher post counts. So they could have bigger e-penii ( a term we have long used at this site to describe higher post counts).

What then, is the real reason to have one’s post count go up? Besides the custom title after all. Rewarding hard work? Riddle me this: how is a post count a reward?

Oh yeah, my e-penis is now only 496 times larger than yours.

Actually, it’s INFINITLY larger. Sorta.

Whoamg. We need to use calculus now!

Ok we’re the scum of the universe :wink:

Ohhh, a moderator posts it so its not spam, of course your highness “bows”
And, pun intended, I have no e-penis!

Disabling the post count seems perfectly reasonable to me :smiley:

And I know you don’t get my complaint, i’ve completely lost interest in this topic. I just laugh at your childish antics and feeble attempts at “helping.”

Uhhhh ohhhhh my post count is 1!!!
The world is coming to an end.

Anyway, people generally prefer not being talked to dismissively.

See, this entire post? it tells me that, and I really mean this in the nicest way possible, you obviously do not get the sense of humor that is required for this place.

Also: Everyone starts at zero posts. Everyone. Including mods and staff. To say we don’t get your complain because of that is nonsensical.

But anyway, from what I know of it (and yeah I know this is pointless since you ‘don’t care’) it’s simply that this message board doesn’t want the kind of people around who think post count matters, and a good way to do that is to take away the most usual way to get lots of posts without getting trouble.

Besides, the fact that it lacks a post count would (or should) improve the quality of rpers on the forum after a while. The ones who are in it for the posts would leave and the ones who actually want to rp will stay.

Edit: And yes, Val is right in her last post. Sometimes comments are spam, sometimes they’re jokes. After a person has been here a little while, generally people accept it if they make joking comments every now and again.

Apparently, I may not joke either, “sighs”

I have no E-penis . . . I am a girl . . . hes using it as a pun . . . so was I ???

Ok. Whatever. I’m done.

I tried . . . you take my humor in that last post for having taken offense rather than joking back. Wow.

Ok then, cheerio :smiley:

Of course i’ll never leave the the rping board, I love it, and I enjoy some of the threads on the main boards to. I posted this because I wanted to here some logic. Whatever, if thats to much to ask for, I accept it. I’ve had a bad weak, I posed my thread wrong, very rudely I might add (something I have a tendency to do!) and I’m sorry about that. I still think that there should be either no post count at all, or equality. I didn’t come to try to CHANGE it neccessarily, but to see just what reasons were behind it. In my eyes, those reasons were weak.

Currently this is my FAVORITE board, simply because it has quality roleplayers, mostly quality peope, and people feel that they can be laid back and not have some strict formula guiding them in their posting which I think is brilliant. I came off as snobby and rude. And you know what, catch me on a bad day, and I am. Very much so. I should have chosen a better time to pose this querry.

I may be hated, but I shall never leave!

If we really hated you by now, banning procedures would have begun.

But for the record, next time you have questions like that you’d be better off sending a message to a moderator/administrator directly rather than trying to spark some sort of public outcry. Even if the results were somewhat amusing.

And for the record, there’s more than just one board where posts don’t count. There’s actually twelve.

You probably can’t see all of them however, but you do see three of them. Then again, most people don’t know there’s actually 32 separate boards.

Amusing indeed, I was quite powerless against you all :wink:

So, can we lock this thread now?

Fine. My e-clit is larger than yours. Happy?

Yes and Yes.

I guess, in the end, we all live in a yellow submarine