Postal 2

Ok, Its Not an RPG…But DAMN

My mate brings in a copy to school, and i falls in love, i did!

I dont know if its that i enjoy beheading people with a shovel, or if its the ability to kick it aro und like a soccer ball afterward…But dman, Im in love!

Just thought i would share this great game :stuck_out_tongue:

I was playing it a while ago and found annoying bug which
crashes the game once player exits police station…

Anyways, I heard the are making multiplayer patch…
You know what that means? SOCCER TIME!

Its so much Fun! :smiley:

I love Using the Cats a Silencers, now…Muahhaha!

I challenge you to a Game of Soccer should a Multiplayer Version come Out :smiley:

Heh. CAn’t do that in Quake of Half-Life. Maybe I’ll get my hands on it…

Considering its like banned in a few countries, Good luck Pussy :stuck_out_tongue:

Although, i COULD send you a copy if you gave me your stalking details :wink:

How much fun ARE you having with Postal 2?

From what I’ve heard, they focused too much on the shock factor to remember gameplay, and it turned out crappy. Personally I wasn’t gonna try it anyway.

Well that’s the first negative thing I’ve heard about it, but it’s refreshing to hear. At least I have two different opinions now…

Well, after playing it for a while, I am sick of it…Once you get bored with dismembering people with a shovel, the game loses its fun.

Best to play when you’re really angry :smiley: