Post yourself

What do you look like?

Grow that hair out like a respectable pirate and get a real sword!

That’s not creepy at all.

Meh, a machete is enough.

That pocket knife is not a machete.

In answer to the other guys comment. And I do have a machete also. (just haven’t taken a picture yet.)

Oh. Hai.

Whoops, dropped my picture.

Back to work.

I’m pretty much like the guy in your avatar only I’ve a better body.

I’m a skinny little hippie boy in a khaki pencil skirt.

That’s not a knife!

:enguard: Now THAT’S a knife!

Originally Posted by Arac
I’m a skinny little hippie boy in a khaki pencil skirt.

Pics or it never happened.

Is there not already a thread like this somewhere?

I’m quite sure there is a picture-posting thread somewhere.

But what the hell, here’s me.

…Yeah, the picture is pretty much an old joke.
The glasses are even older (I found them at my grandparents place), I cut my hair long ago and I’m not so lazy as to not shave properly anymore.
But, on the other hand, it’s the only picture of me that I have right now. (Except of course for that halloween when I went as Kefka. Yes, the costume really sucked, because we had to rush a lot of it. It was more of “just a fun thing”, anyway.)

It’s not bad if you were going as David Bowie.

That’s a wicked t-shirt.

Hasn’t been posted in since December.


I’d post a picture of myself (to show you people that, yes, I DO look like my avatar) but it turns out I don’t have a SINGLE picture of myself left in my PC (I guess they were erased in my last reboot.) And I don’t feel like buying a digital camera, so you’ll have to take my word for it. :wink:

Damn it. I thought the title of the thread was TOUCH yourself. Sorry. I could take a picture of the aftermath if that’s your thing…I guess. That would be weird.

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