Post your Youtube videos

Hey all, I thought I make this topic so you can share the videos to made with everyone. Please no graphic things, if you know what I mean. I suppose I shall start.

I don’t know the moderaters will aprove of this topic, but lets give it a shot.

and from my sig:

that second one is my favorite youtube ever

Ok, good thread. I’ll post some of my own:

This is a video I made with a couple friends of mine. Basically it is a a montage of me requesting ice cream from my friend.

This is a sequel to the previous video. In this, I decide to make cheese and crackers.

And finally, this is a video of my band performing one of our songs.

And I’ll have to check out your videos when I have some time, Rper_of_doom.

LOLOLOLOL rooxxxxxorz wld s33 agian thx

First AMV I made…done mainly for the hell of it.

My friend insisted I make him a video with ‘Say It Right’, so I chose to use Higurashi as it’s the most inappropriate series to use with that song that I could think of.

And a vid I made for the series Jekyll.

I have more too, but it’s not like its hard to just go to my profile and see them if your interested at all.

Wow, thats actually pretty good…plus i like that song >__>

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Also, the song is by my favorite singer, so cool.

kaseli, that sig video is a fantastic trainwreck.

haha yeah its pretty much impossible to watch without facepalming <img src=“”>

Not exactly YouTube, but here is a video I made a little while ago.

Feel special, I haven’t shown anybody the video yet.

It’s not mine, but that’s me with the bandana and the sax. this was back in late 2004.

That’s me playing random shit in the background as Dale rambles on.

I look like this now, though…

ahahah i love the one of you holding some huge ass gun at 1.33 =D
poooork it’s the meat of kings~~


Cool tread Rper, and thumbs up to everyone who posted their videos.

Talking about cats

Yay :hyperven:I am glade everyone is enjoying the thread, sadly no new videos to post for me…Yet…But keep going everyone.