Post-secondary online education

Does anyone know how effective/credible online learning is?

My brother takes some online courses, and they work pretty well. I definitely wouldn’t recommend it over attending regular class, as it’s harder to ask questions, and you miss the whole social aspect. Also, if your internet goes down for any reason you’re pretty much screwed.

From what I’ve heard, its shit.

I agree. Are you planning on taking an online course?

I’ve already taken one, albeit, a small course, Health. It beats the heck out of that night school my Dad was thinking about putting me in.

The thing is, with something like Health, it’s going to usually deal with book work anyway, from what I’ve experienced in Texas. I got a 98 in that Health class. It was incrdibly easy and I had a three month period to do it over the summer.

Problem is, I’m in Texas, your a…long way from where am, upwards, farther than I’ll probably ever go. Your not going to get anything from asking a bunch of people who aren’t in your general area except people who are going from what they’ve heard, or people like me who might’ve had a drastically different learning experience.

Anyway, yeah, it was fine with me. It’s frowned upon by most people, and by me to take a major class on it, but to take off some 1 semeser classs like Health, it’s something that can’t be beat.