Post pictures/words of ingame shit you want but will never have.

A simple concept. Show us what you want but will never ever see. Admittedly this will work better for those of us playing MMOs rather than those not, but fuck you guys, you suck anyway. >:( I’ll start!

This is the new Caldari Titan. They smash space stations and blot out suns. See those small ships surrounding it? Those were previously the biggest ships (Raven battleships) you could sensibly own as an individual. Look, here’s a comparison. You can see the newbie ships you start out with at the top-right. If you squint.

The second biggest ships on the Caldari section of that picture are the freighters (left) and Dreadnoughts (right), and to pilot one of those not only do you have to be chosen out of the thousands of pilots in your mega-alliance as trustworthy enough to pilot it, but you have to find some way of raising the 3 billion isk you need for the skillbook, so god knows how you’d earn the right to pilot a Titan. Imagine in WoW if you needed to buy a 200,000g skill to use the best weapon in the game and had to win the trust of your entire guild to even consider swinging it once. Yeah. It’ll never happen, but hey I can dream right. Right?

Alright I’ve shown you mine, now you show me yours. Don’t disappoint me now. :slight_smile:

Kalius has over 2k gold. >.>;;

Sulfuras costs over 10k gold, and we will have two soon <.<;;

Um… Kalius really wants to have exalted with Zul’Gurub, but he’ll have that next weekend.

WoW is too easy

What I’d want to show I put a lot of time/effort into it, is like a 75NIN/RNG or whatever sub-job they use when they use throwing weapons as their main source of damage.

Um, for me… My goal right now is to get Grand Marshal on an orc warrior this summer, but that’s very very feasible. Iunno, the thing about WoW is just that’s it’s so easy to do everything. But yeah, you might wanna throw another 0 or two on that, Pierson

No, 3 bil is obtainable if you minegrind for awhile, much like WoW gold is grindable if you grind raids and sell epics, or grind other source of profit.

3bil is approximate to 200k gold in that it’s doable but FUCKING IRRITATING TO DO IT. Or you could go the slower fun way of killing everything in your path and selling all the loot

Pie, pie pie pie pie, are titans on tranq yet then?

I know shit about EVE but I have a question out of curiosity: Do you need to be in an alliance to get the Titan? Isn’t it possible to get the cash solo?

Heal plz :frowning:


K… lets think about this. The book alone costs 3 BILLION isk, whereas really good rare shit like HAC( really awesome cruisers, hard as fuckall to kill if the pilot is good) cost about 140ish MILLION. Then you have all the components, which are made from a shitton of materials, and you have to get the blueprints to make all the components, which cost a shitton of money, and then you can only build it at a Player Owned Station(I think) which costs an assfuck of money and must be built same as Titans. Then there is the cost of of the tertiary abilities, which will take a long fucking time to train, and some of them are also in the range of hundreds of millions, and the fact that titans cant travel without alot of help, and they dont disappear like other ships when you log out, and cant hit anything smaller than dreadnoughts unless you’re stupidly lucky.

So does that answer you?

<img src=“”> <- one of these babies…way too rare for me to ever get, plus finding any of the NPCs to make it is impossible. :frowning:

Mr. Smile is pretty much the most epic RO item ever.

Yes it does, the answer would be “yes”. I knew it would be some fucking insane thing like that, I was only curious about whether it was theoretically possible.

I was talking about actually being able to build and/or being allowed to pilot one, not just the price of the damn skillbook. :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, they are. So are Carriers and Motherships but nobody has built one yet.

Anyway here’s a picture of the other thing I want, a carrier:

This baby has cruiser-sized drones that can be slaved to gangs and even follow them through warp and be given rudimentary commands. All the carrier has to do is sit in a safespot and laugh as he watched gang-chat.

Red Moon Rising is so awesome.

edit; SE, like everything in EVE it is possible to build and fly a titan solo, but it’s been designed as a station- and dreadnought-killer, so why bother? Apart from the legendary status you’d get for being ‘that guy who built a titan solo’.