Post pic of Yourself?

Where is your bastard spawn?


Because blondes and engineers have much more fun than anyone else:

YES, I AM INVINCIBLE. (Or I have unlimited ammo.)

Also I sorta like my avatar picture. Kinda describes how fun XML is.

wtf? who? and somehow i doubt it.

Kasey: Cute lil’ kiddo. :>

LOL! Blue Mage rulez! XD

are you attempting Super Saiyan?

o hai internetz i can haz soulz?

Forgive the crummy quality, I took it with my laptop’s webcam, and the lighting in my room is messed up at this time in the evening.

lol, its always the lighting, i’m with you on that.

I would, but all my Khaki pencil skirts are over in Rhode Island.

No, I’m just not good at imagining real people. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kasey: You’re a mom!? Congratulations! The kid’s cute too! :slight_smile:

Spoonybard wins so far with his penetrating gaze. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorc looks like a pussy bitch.

We all don’t do steroids, Ramza.


and what do you look like?

Tall, mostly lean muscle, with purple skin and some glowing swords. I think he posted a pic.

lol, your going to be the president some day, Arac, and i’ll make it hapen like it or not.

There’s an obvious joke about penetrating in there, but I’m classy enough not to make it. I’ll just point it out.

oh look I still exist apparantly.

Spoonybard wins because he has cute hair, but is it really fair to posty a picture where you can’t really see the persons’ face?


Very accurate, but I have no glasses.