Post pic of Yourself?

I’m sure you guys prolly done it on here a million times, but i’m new. I’ll go first since i started this thread.
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You should probably keep your shirt on.


my shirt is off because i didn’t have any clean ones.

I likes mah Dr. Pepper. :3

I forgot how sexy you were Trill! Loves me some dark haired beauties.


trill are you a boy or a girl. no offense but the pic is kind of obscure…ohter than that, you have nice skin, can i has? lol jk sort of.

There are no women on the internet, silly.

Yes, there are no women on the Internet. Only old hags with their Bingos, Slingos, and Lingos.

Girls, however, who knows.

Edit: Oh, right. Picture thread. Well, I don’t have one on my server, but here I am compared to Earth


Take it or leave it.

The triumph of the can shines through!

To be lazy, here I am.

I’m on the right in both pictures (the ugliest one :-P).




i’m actually a priest now anyways.



b- a- n - a - n — a

So since we’re derailing this thread; you get Algalon? I quit after Yogg; the whole thing was boring.


On the right.

Gunslinger is that Danman, Danman, Danman dude from the mailbag?

Damn, you “kids” always look better than I imagine.

I don’t have any pictures of myself (what for? I know what I look like!) :wink: But I’ll see if one of my nephews can send me one to share. Meanwhile, just enjoy the awesomeness that is my avatar, which IS based on me. :eek:

Does that mean you assume we all look bad? :frowning:

Thats me at the bar in washington dc watching obama get inaugurated.

I know my avatar is of me but I wanted to…

<rare mostly make-up free moment>