Post in this thread, and I will give you an American Indian name

If you are Sil or Arac, then don’t post more then once sentance. Just people who want an American Indian name.

I’m honestly not sure where in the Hell you’re going with this, but I am intrigued. Quite intrigued, indeed.

Name me!

Genericangstyposter: Ram who Beats on Drums with Zeal
Curtis: Deer at Terms with Government

Me next, me next!

(placeholding fakepost)

I am making a condescending remark as to the worth of this thread, in a vain attempt to distract people from the fact that I posted here to get in on this.

free post!!!1111!!111eleven!!1!1

<!- a bad thread deserves a bad reply >

Bored much?

Can you also give Indian(2) names?

How are you doing this? With a random name generator?

Whatever, name me as well. :slight_smile:

Sure, why not?

Hit me.


That’s it. You’re all banned for spam and free posts.

Uh, what?

Sounds weird.

I want a feather somewhere in my indian name.

How bout a Canadian indian name :stuck_out_tongue:


Well i AM on the AMERICAN tribal REGISTRY and i would just like to point out that though this does not qualify me to make statements about indians as a WHOLE i think i will anyway, and i will also call to attention the fact that YOU my friend, have a flawed argument and i will delve into why starting now. NOW before i start i would just like to say that there is also the fact that if the Oscar referred to bears the surname Wilde, that Oscar wouldn’t be walking with you bluemageone. He would punch you in the fucking jaw. Yeah i read 18th century literature. I spraypainted “Ulysesses” on the bathroom wall at junior-college and got a few chest pumps from those in the know. What up? Anyway continuing on…

I was trying to AVOID your POSTS bluemageone, but the brilliant nihilism (yes, i concede that italics may not help me make an argument, but it is late, and alas) drew me in. Pray tell, oh dear bluemageone, under what circumstances, what ACT OF GOD hath occureth that give to thee the right to name other posters with a name that would imply one of american indian decent?? Why, i do believe NONE good sir! Perhaps you’re not as cultured as i (oh poor poor peon of society) but i have read many books and i think to help back up my argument i shall begin to quote from them (oh you do not mind do you? -shakespear)

And, well, as an anarchist (although I subscribe to the Anarcho-Syndicism practiced in Spain hardly identifiable with the base, majority concept of anarchy, but technically anarchy nonetheless) I am expected to riot at the slightest provocation, hurl moltov cocktails, and try and bomb shit every Guy Fawkes day. I think I’m also supposed to rob old ladies and rape young girls. I was once asked by someone if I sewed fields with salt when I passed when anarchy was mentioned, but I believe they were mocking the trend rather than being a part of it. Anyway, the point is, if people think that of me, should I go out and do all of those things to stay in character? And that just makes it “okay”? I go break a bottle over a man’s head because I disagree with his politics then slit his throat for his boots, and it’s okay because I’m just “in character”?

In conclusion Nietzsche was not addressed whatsoever in my reply, I don’t believe. If he was, I can’t imagine why. Anyway; so far, your interpretation of nihilism as given above still does not explain how our post qualifies.

And now it is late and i must go do my homework! This sixth grade english paper won’t write itself, but my fingers will! Lo, these fingers which pour forth from them the blood of a thousand writers, the ink from a thousand quills, privy this poor poor slice of paper with your infinite wisdom, your intelligence as unbound as the stars and heavens and please, dear fingers, dear brain of mine, please let Mrs. Smith give me higher than a B because it would be really embarrassing to fail middleschool while quoting from famous books on an internet forum.