There isn’t enough cool shit in my life. All I do is sit at my computer, play my PSP, occasionally get intoxicated with friends, and just recently my brother has acquired an Ecks Bauks360. Cool shit includes, but is not limited to, movies, board games, activities, easy recipes, neat shit found on the internet, cool ways to rip off walmart, better ways to do common things, and easy ways to make deadly chemicals out of household items. Don’t do the last one.

Cool Shit:
Movies; Stay, Primer, Habit, Jesus’ son

A faster way to get a shirt back to normal(from inside out) before you put it on is to put it on upside down.

Play Lion King for the snes, you will not be able to beat it without save states.

That is all I can think of.

EDIT: Make sure it is something that we probably do not already know about.

I can hold a can of coke in my cleavage. :slight_smile:

I beat Lion King on SNES without savestates when I was a wee lad :smiley:

I don’t know if that is possible, that log part during the Hakuna Matata chapter was ridiculous. :expressionless:

But try enough times, like a kid will, and you’ll eventually get it. And the rest of the game after that is pretty easy.

Maybe I was too young.


Ever play telephone pictionary? If you actually have friends to hang out with, this is a fun game to play with them. At least it was with my friends and I. It’s best played with 5 or more people, though it is doable with 4 people.
If 5 people are playing everyone is given 5 sheets of paper and a pen. Then everyone writes a phrase on the first page, then passes their stack of paper to the person next to them. The next person reads the phrase, puts it in the back of the stack of the paper, and then tries to draw the phrase to the best of their ability. And then they pass the stack of paper to the next person. That person tries to translate the picture into a phrase. And the game continues until each stack gets back to the original person.

Play Left 4 Dead, I’m not sure about 2 yet.

I have 2 and it is better than one. Mainly because you can use a sword.

I had decided to shut down this thread until I read about Trillian’s holding of a can in her cleavage.

The demands of science must be met to sustain this thread’s life.

Why would you shut down this thread?

My intention is to cut your stupidity out of this forum like I would a cancer out of my mice.

So you want to get rid of a good thread because you don’t want me posting here.

GSG, this is the guy that bans me on a weekly basis because he doesn’t like my avatar. Secondly, you’re a dip shit. and you should probably just stop posting here. You’re very unpopular around here and if I’m going to get anywhere in this forum, I can’t be seen talking to you. anyway. Hades and Trillian post pics now. One of you holding the can in clevage and the other beating lion king with no save states, I don’t care which of you does which.

I thought stage 8 was a lot more difficult than the log stage, since there are so many instant kills with the lava and falling rocks. As I recall, the log stage has a shortcut that allows you to start from about halfway up the waterfall instead of at the bottom.

Cool shit: Sin’s hair.

Stage 8 was tough too, but like I said… if a little kid has anything, it’s persistence. He’ll eventually memorize the rocks and get VERY good at beating levels like that seamlessly.

Cool things: I decided to grow a moustache back in October. Now it’s a part of me. For the moment.

Also, I managed to fill out a little blue book which I call The Little Blue Book: Captain’s Log. The Little Blue Book: Captain’s Log is for writing/drawing whatever is in your inebriated mind during parties, drinking trips, cruises, etc. Especially fun are the times when people think I carry a little blue bible with me. Then I open the book and recite a random verse. People are then flabbergasted.

Example verse:

June 27th, 2008 (With midnight summer’s eve behind, the biggest pile of drunken madness seemingly over)
“Mom called while drunk. My hangover eased up a little - Antsa”

I now have a new book. It is titled: The Little White Book: Captain’s Log II. No, I couldn’t find a little red book ._.

I think I beat the Mega Drive version.

edit: Sometimes getting out more is cool shit.