Possibly stupid post office/mailbox question:

Can I put one of the larger (8x10-ish) envelopes in the mailbox with a regular postage stamp?

If you’re unsure, go to the post office with the letter and ask. They can put the exact postage you need on it.

I believe it depends on the weight of the envelope’s contents. I would suggest the same as Ken and take it to the post office to be sure. You don’t want it retruned for insufficient postage, espcially around this busy holiday time.

Just put two stamps on it and don’t worry about it, or google your question. You’ll probably be in line for an hour if you go to the post office this coming Monday.

Holy shit, we are not your personal post office FAQ board. Go to the post office FAQ board!

They told me to ask here. Strange, I know.

Nope. A couple of years ago USPS instituted a cost for size in addition to weight - I’m not sure why. It’ll probably end up being a little under a dollar to send something that size even if it’s only one sheet in the envelope. However, if they still consider it a letter and not a (small) package, I could be wrong.

Edit: If you get to a post office right when it opens you might not have as long of a line.