Possibly FFC error?

(I wanna make this a public thread just in case I’m wrong)

Under Species: Moogles, I think the FMV shot of those moogles all looking at something is a FMV for FF5, not FF6. No biggie, but I do believe it was Exdeath they were looking at.

Correct. Not to mention there’s an FMV pic of Rubicant in the Art Gallery section of FF6 for the PSX (he’s the guy in red blocking his face). Maybe it’s the Rubicant from FF5 (the one who was quickly washed away by Leviathan?)

Uhh Rubicant was in FF5? I thought he was only in FF4…

OK, I’ll take a look at them when I have a chance. X, you should really e-mail those to me because I tend to forget anything that’s not in my inbox. ^^;

He was kinda in FF5, I think. Remember the N-Zone monsters? Well, when you reached the end of the fourth Lithograph dungeon, a Rubicant-looking character was there (his name was never revealed though). Before you could fight him, Leviathan summoned a tidal wave, killing him.

I remember that guy, but he wasn’t Rubicant. He looked more like a demon if I remember correctly.

Rubicant was in FF4. Gilgamesh is the red guy in FF5.