Portable Windshield

I’m using a couple of extra eyes (or glasses, as commoners say) now. I actually started using them on Thursday. The only good thing is that I didn’t get any nerdier with them on. I hope it does not mean I’ve already reached the limits of nerdiness.

In a more positive aproach, it gets me rid of miopy and austigmatism. I have the sight of a hawk now and I don’t need a spyglass anymore to peek at people in the neighbouring buildings by the late night. Now, if only I had a digital camera…

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… I’ve had sight problems for years now, but since it’s less than a degree of miopy and it never got worse I could live just OK with it. But then I went getting a driver license. On Monday I had to go through the burocratic part. I passed all the medical exams - hand strength, coordination, reflexes, blood pressure (I cheated on this one, details later) - but the sight test. I got to miss everything. Yeah, a clear zero / F-. Damm small and blurry letters. The doc even pointed her finger at my face and said “You must be blind. Now get off my office. Do you need help finding the door?”.

So that’s basically how I got my glasses… I had to if I am to drive. I went to the oftamologist on Tuesday, and ordered my thingies on Wednesday. They were ready a few hours later, but I only got them on Thursday.

Tomorrow I’m going back to that witch who said I can see as far as moles can. I only wish she isn’t the doctor who works on the psicho test too, otherwise I’ll have to get my license somewhere else. Wish me good luck.

Glasses are cool, at least if you don’t try to look like a dork in them.

I hope you get your license.

I kinda like my glasses. They’re blue on the inside and black on the outside. My sun shades are silver with blue flames on them.

I’ve had reading glasses for 4 years, meaning I wont dare wear them if they’re not needed. But when I do have them on, I kinda like them cuz they make me look like a librarian who may take you home later and seduce you. That look is much better than the geeky look my glasses gave off when I was 12. Indeed.
I couldnt stand wearing both pairs of glasses when i first got them cuz they made me really dizzy but then i got over it and it’s been all good since.

Glasses in general have no effect on nerdity. At least half of all the people I know need glasses at least part of the time. I wear mine constantly, because even though I’m only slightly near-sighted, there is a drastic overall improvement. Plus, they have a cool magnetic clip-on sunglass piece.

Originally posted by demigod Plus, they have a cool magnetic clip-on sunglass piece. [/b]

So does mine. I look like a police officer when I put the clip-on on.

See, guys can get away with that kinda stuff with glasses on. If I like, whipped out my trusty clip on thingy I’d be laughed at. Only old women seem to do that here.


I used to fake eye exams when I was little to get out of wearing glasses. <.< Then I finally got to a point where I was so nearsighted that I needed to wear them all the time… I didn’t mind wearing them occasionally but being forced to wear them constantly made me despise them. Anyway, I switched to contacts… but now I don’t mind the glasses as much (though I still wear them pretty rarely). They’re blue-rimmed and kinda artsy looking…

I’ve got contacts, very cool ones, they’re all black with a white dot in the middle, make me look very evil

I got glasses, and had them for about two years, then I got contacts. I like the contacts much better, since I do sports, glasses always get in the way.