*pops out the umbrella and lawn chair*

Now’s the time for a vacation. Basically, I’ve done quite a bit of writing (even though Half-Spawn probably needs a bit more), so I’m taking a break to calm down my nerve cells and think about what to write next for my work. That, and it’s too early to start chasing people (they have another week at the most…)

Okay, only one or two more Half-Spawns and a short fic I’ve been wanting to write for some time are going to be uploaded. I have to plan the rest out, and a possible ear infection is making that even harder. In fact, forget “possible” ear infection. I had about eight hundred within the first couple years of life. As a result, my verbal skills suffered, which led to the downfall of my social skills. Now, you are my only friends…

If we’re your only friends, then I don’t know whetehr to be flattered or freaked out. I mean, us? Are you crazy!?

Hope the ear gets better soon d. I used to get infections when I was yonger, and I know that they are a BITCH once they grab ya.

Take care of yourself first of all, d, it’s the most important thing. :slight_smile: We’ll be right here waiting for ya.