*Pops a bubble*


Jolt me up, babah!

/me jolts you up.

And by jolts, I mean sex’s.


Maybe we should reopen the said Tower of Babel, but rather as a garbage forum. No new threads, no new posts, just punts the bad threads there =P

alright, even i cannot handle that much caffeine…

I could, what with my fast as light kidneys n’ shit :/.

Excuse me while my retinas explode.

I gotta get me some o’ that. With my insanely quick metabolism it wouldn’t have me hopped up for that long :stuck_out_tongue:

that’s the kind of gum that can keep me awake for days…


I prefer it in drinkable form. I never liked chewing gum.

Long live Coca Cola!

Coca cola?

Don’t insult the greatness that is known as Jolt :stuck_out_tongue:

stares longingly at gum

I have never heard of this “jolt” but I am interested in it’s almight jolty powers… anything that can make me stay up longer than I should has my life long devotion…

Pepsi has had this devotion for many years now… mayhaps it’s time for a new leader?? evil chuckle

Cause we all know it is those that never sleep that shall rule the world before long ^^’

Jolt tastes bad and is quite unhealthy.

I’d rather have something that tastes GOOD and is unhealthy, like Coke.

I want this.

Caffiene and sugar…

Caffeine doesn’t really affect me, but I still miss Jolt. I don’t see it at any stores anymore… I thought they stopped making it.

CyberCompost: Thing is, the chewing gum doesn’t taste like Jolt, it tastes like Stimorol - With an added flavor of caffeine.

I stay awake with Tea and willpower. I need nothing else. Take your Jolt and use it as a suppository, can and all.

(Hey, it’s a nice way of saying “Take your Jolt and shove it up your ass.”)

Well, whenever I don’t feel like sleeping, this seems to work…

You need:
-1 can of your favorite caffinated soda
-more sugar than anyone ever has good reason to hoard

That really does work most of the time…

That’s crazy… chewing gum with caffiene… if you want that much caffiene, why don’t you just buy some caffiene pills?