Pope Updates

In case anyone hasn’t hears, the pope is severly ill and is expected to die very soon.

Currently: He’s not dead, but his condition is worsening. There is a large gathering of both Catholics and non-Catholics in the Vatican in a watch and wait to be there if the pope dies. Many pople as an explanation of “I just felt I had to be here” thing.

If anyone has any more info, or more current info, please tell.

I don’t see why it’s such a big deal. He’s supposedly going to heaven anyways, right?

I’d just like to know. I’ve seen somepeople that had already thought he was dead at about 4pm this afternoon(Pacific time). Also, it’s the pope, a world figure and power for the Church. I, at least, would like to know when/if he dies.

ha, there was a big fake cnn link that circulated today which was a fake link to a new article about the pope being dead. You cliked it and it said “Happy April Fools Day Fuckers!”.

I thought it was moderatly clever.

Haha. That must have been the biggest April Fools joke all day.
But didn’t CNN also say that the guy from Napolean Dynamite was dead, and then had to apoligize for it later? lol, CNN is losing all it credibility.

Because of the many, many people that he has helped and reassured thier faith in God.He is the only pope ever to visit 120(+?) countries.He is also a high status figure in Christianity.(yes I am a Christian)
Poor pope… :bowser:

I guess, in a theological Roman Catholic sense, for fifteen days (it’s fifteen days typically between the death of the pope and picking a new one, right? Eurotrip better not have lied to me!), there is no Representative/Intercessor for God on Earth. I dunno.

15-20 days, according to this
More in depth in detail of process here

He is the last prophesized pope. The end is near!

No he’s not. There are at least two more.

Im scared…am i gonna die?

Not unless we go through more than 2 popes before you do die naturally. But it is NOT dogma that this is real. It is just a common belief. But if the end of time came, Revelations would be fulfilled, and you wouldn’t die, you’d be assumed into heaven.
But that would mean the anti-Christ would be comingshivers…creepy.

Pope John Paul II- The only pope in most of our lifespans, the leader of the Church, Speaker foe God, funny man all the way(but always clean and non-contriversial).

In my book, the one true Pope shall always be the Coptic Pope.

I am no longer Catholic (I consider myself a non-denominational Christian these days) but I still have respect for the Catholic Church, mainly because, a few scandals aside (and WHAT organization is free from scandals today?) I still think they are doing the World a lot of good. And Paul II is one of the few Popes that even many non-Christian agree has done the most to help. He got his butt out of the Vatican and traveled around the World, talked directly to world leaders (even ones of different faiths, like the Dalai Lama) and wasn’t afraid to speak on international or controversial subjects- heck, he even (rumor has it) surprised a lot of people WITHIN the Church who expected him to be another meek pontiff. Of course, that was all when he was in better health. I hope his successors follow his example.

Goodbye, John Paul. I know you’ll be well-received in Heaven. We’ll miss you here.

Trivia bit Back when the Pope first visited Puerto Rico, there was a lot of controversy regarding whether he would kiss the ground when he stepped off the plane, as he always did when visiting another country. You see, we Boricuas have always been obsessed with our status as a Nation, and the rumors was that he wouldn’t do it since he had already been to American Soil. No, I’m not kidding- the newscasters themselves were arguing among themselves about it during the live transmission of his arrival! (also, remember PR is a strongly Catholic country.) You could almost hear the cheering all through the Island when JP bent down and kissed the ground. :slight_smile:

Bye bye, Pope.

I’m not religious, but I respect all who are.

This guy was a great man.

Anyone know how old the guy is? I mean, no disrespect to him, but I think the guy is due for realease from his earthly chores. Almost ironic in a way that those God has given some f the hardest work to must endure it quite long.

Eighty-five I think.

Well The Pope isn’t in that bad of shape just look.