Pope Palpatine...

No offense to anyone but… anyone think that the new pope looks -alot- like Palpatine?

Evidence one:

Evidence two:

Insert Palpatine’s theme here

No and no.

I hope you don’t think you’re clever.

Pierson already made that lame joke.

Hes too old. Yes, too old to begin the training.

Hark, do I hear crickets chirping in the silent crowd? :stuck_out_tongue:


Pierson’s was funnier too.

Pierson rox Booken sux O.K.

poor Booken.
It was a good effort

No it wasn’t.

you obviously never played little league baseball

“good effort out there boys, we may have lost but you gave it your all, now let’s go out for pizza”

So go to hell Jango, the first little league team I was on, we lost every game, and the coaches always said “good effort” even though we sucked.

Good hustle, nice eye.

This isn’t little league and we’re not a bunch of 6 year olds. And it’s not my fault your little league team sucked.

Allright boys, lets pack it in, we played a good game tonight. But I want you all to get a good nights sleep for our double header against Middleton tommarow

i guess the concept of metaphorical speech is lost on some people…

Booken gets an A in effort. However, he failed so miserably, that he got an F-- in everything else. Overall mark, 0.1%

Wow. How original, Xelo.

Wait… Wait… No… Not original at all.
/sound failure.wav

I think you need to pay a little more attention to those posts above you, old bean!

that really wasn’t funny. if you’re gonna make a joke, make me laugh at it.