Pope - ex-nazi!?

Hey, reading, and hearing a few things today has lead me to believe that the newly elected, (GERMAN!!! WHOO!!), Pope was actually alive during the WW II, and was part of the nazi movement… Anyone have any verification??


He was part of the Hitler Youth. So was nearly every other child in Germany at that time.

And his biographer reports he was a rather unenthusiastic member of the Hitlerjugend at that.

Yes… although, wasn’t there more to him than just the Hitleryouth, I knew that. But I have heard before that the pope, newly elected what actually, and ex-nazi.


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Well, the war ended 60 years agoand this guy is over 60 (78), so yeah of course he was alive during WW2.

No, no, no, not just “Yeah, he was around then, duh!” But as in he was around in the area, the area being… drum roll GERMANY!!


He was in the Hotler Youth, his family pretty strongly pro Nazi. As was most of Germany at the time. Maybe he is an anti semite, but then again, when has the Roman Catholic church cared about Jews?

As Gallo said, it was a pretty common thing for boys to be in the Hitler youth during that time, it was more of a youth organization (like boy scouts or something) than a political group or whatever would people think looking at that name. The family being pro nazi also doesn’t automatically mean that their kid is (maybe that’s one of the reasons he was in the hitler youth, too). I actually doubt that he’s an anti- semite and I think he’d be very careful regarding that seeing as of how he’s german and biased people just wait for a wrong or ambiguous comment to hold against him,
I’m actually more concerned about him being strongly conservative. And by strongly I mean he was probably one of the most, if not the most narrow- minded, conservative cardinal.

He’s bavarian though. What do we expect -.-;

Cream filling?

He defected from the Hitler Youth after a year and went back home, which carried execution is he was caught.

Anyway you’d be pretty hard-pressed to find a 70 year-old German who WASN’T associated with the Nazis in some way. Plus he’ll be dead in about five years anyway. The Cardianals just didn’t want the next pope to be living in JP2’s shadow, thus; interim Pope.

That looks like :

-a cop out
-a cover up
-damn not the plain truth

Seriously, the biographer could say all sorts of things and everyone’d believe them. Although the only thing I can hold against the new pope is that he’s even more conservative than the rest of my catholic family, but that’s it.

Yes, the Pope was a member of the Hitler Youth in 1941, at a time when membership in that organization was compulsory. However, he was allowed to leave it later because of his intention to enter the priesthood. Furthermore, he was drafted into the military in 1943, but deserted in 1945.

Glad to hear it, personally.

Then again, I have absolutely no respect for his opinions and the stage he’s been given on a silver platter to speak them on.

He may be very conservitive, and I don’t agree with him, but he’s no nazi, and thats always nice

I didn’t know about that but one of my Local Vicars was part of the Comunist Party at least 20 years ago.

Thanks Probably can Expain why Charlemange has Germany set on his MSN

Or it could just be the truth that the biographer felt mentioning since everyone nowadays is all “Hitlerjugend?! OMG! NAZI! JEW KILLER!” But I dunno. I’m pretty sure he can be forgiven for possibly being a Nazi during a time when propaganda and peer pressure made it difficult to not be one, especially a young man. If he’s shown no Nazi tendencies since then, then I don’t really see what the big deal is over THAT part of his history.

It just seems like that questionable Nazi history is being thrown around to add more weight to the idea that he wasn’t a good candidate for the Papacy. I can understand questioning his age or his conservative views, but it seems rather unneeded to make his involvement with the Nazis 60 years ago as a young adult one of the focal points of criticism. However, when all is said and done, this guy’s probably just meant to be a transitional Pope.

Not really.

The previous Pope has done a lot to apologize for the Church’s previous mistakes and to reach out to Jews and Israel. As long as the current one doesn’t actively undo his work, there isn’t much expectation there beyond that.

I personally don’t really care if he was a Nazi sixty years ago. He’s obviously not one now.

I’m gonna have to agree with what 984 said and go with Transistional Pope.

Funny how this thread was posted in on Hitler’s birthday

I agree whole heartedly with the transitional view. I doubt he’s actually going to make any drastic changes in the Catholic church. I suppose it doesn’t matter to me though.