Pop is dead

Michael Jackson died of a cardiac arrest.

Out of the blue, yeah.


Holy shit.

So far I’ve only heard of tmz reporting his death. And tmz != reliable.


That about sums it up. Also, seems odd that Farrah Fawcett died today also.

First Farrah Fawcett. Now Jacko. Only one more celebrity needs to die.

Bummer. A wierd guy, but he made some great music. It’s all over CNN right now if you want specifics.

What about CBC? Cuz they report the same.

Ed McMahon

Also, the LA Times is the one who confirmed his death.

You’re next, Ric Flair.

He was only fifty right? Seems like he was young enough his heart shouldn’t have been that bad, considering what he could afford for doctors/diet.

He may have been weird, but I liked Thriller.

Its celebrity death day, I guess.

Well it’s been one-for-one for each of the last three days.

Anyone want to start a pool on tomorrow’s death? I’ll put $50 on Harrison Ford.

The King is dead…

He’s been dead for awhile. Since like 1977.

EDIT: I’d like to take that back. Jackson was the King of Pop; Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll.


My sister was upset by the loss of musical talent, but considering his famous ‘sexual tastes’ I can’t be too sad the dude is gone.

His wikipedia page was updated with the date of death within seconds.

Information sure travels fast these days…

Cardiac arrest and only 50? Probably cocaine.