Poor guy. Charged for going to jail.


That blows, they jail him for 25 years of his life only to find out he was innocent and end up chargin him for the time they held him. That is bullshit.

That IS fucking bullshit. ><

That is one of the most stupid things I have ever heard.

Eh? What the hell kind of system is that?

How ridiculous

Ugh, you bleeding heart liebrals kill me. OBVIOUSLY he must have done something to deserve it. Everybody knows that the justice system never makes mistakes.

You liebrals just wanna open up the jails and let all these lawbreakers out.

We need to be TOUGH ON CRIME~!~!

And on welfare leeches like this guy.

wink wink nudge nudge

I’m impressed. I REALLY am.

That’s fucking miserable. That’s just fucking miserable. This is on the level of frivolous lawsuits.

That’s a new one.
We’ve had a couple of cases with innocents being arrested in Norway: It always ends up with the state having to pay them an outrageous sum - approximately the same as they would have earned hadn’t they been arrested. Seems like someone here forgot they stopped him from getting a job, keeping him locked up like that.

That is so wrong,why the hell should they charge him.

Because they can! That’s why!

Seriously, that just fucking blows. The guys who are doing this to him, are a bunch of mother fucking morons.

Oh God, our home secretary is as bad as Bush! we’re doomed…

And don’t prisons usually have some sort of work facilities, so that the prisoners actually do end up paying part of the cost of their imprisonment by the work they do while in prison?

Proof that the US isn’t the only dumb country!

Gotta love democracy.

Didn’t either the US or Canada (I forget which country) have a case where the government paid some prisoner over four million dollars for wrongful imprisonment for several decades?

reads article

You really don’t want to talk to me right now…

Actually Gallo, if this ever happened in the US, we’d end up seeing it in the Supreme Court.

Originally posted by Cidolfas
Gotta love democracy.

I don’t see how this is a reflection on democracy. If England were still a monarchy, there’d be much worse going on.

That is just sad.