Poor doggy :(

The other day, my mom took our black lab that we’ve had for a bit over 6 years to get her teeth cleaned. While there, my mom asked them to take a look at this cyst that’s on the top of our dog’s head; it’s just this bump, and we didn’t think that much of it. Well, as it turned out, that thing was some kind of mass cell growth. They were going to have to take in our doggy for surgery to remove it. It didn’t really help that this thing was right on the very top of of the head, a bit behind the eyes.

Well, she just got back in today. She reminds me a bit of Frankenstein’s monster: she’s got this real long scar on her head parallel to her eyes that’s pretty much stapled shut. She looks kinda bad, and we have to make sure we don’t touch her head or let her scratch around there. But at least she seemed kinda perky, gulping food down as fast as ever before. We won’t know the results of how bad the growth was or whether it spread or anything til next week.

Poor doggy. :frowning:

Mass cell growth bad. My 13-yr Dalmation’s got several, and they cannot be operated due to her being so old :frowning:

Aww, poor Leia =/. I hope everything’s alright man.


=( I hope that things get better for your dog.

Poor puppy! ;_;
Do you have any pictures of her? She sounds like a lovely dog. (from before the surgery, of course!)

I hope she recovers well.

Well, I hope there won’t be any relapses. A female Cocker Spaniel I once had started getting huge tumors. The more surgeries she had to go through to remove them, the more of them showed up. She didn’t survive the last of those surgeries.
The worst part about having pets is knowing they’ll be gone someday. I hope you can still enjoy your dog’s company for many years.

They actually operated on her? No vets around here’ll do that for my cat, whom is dying somewhat (well, the vet said she’s dying… 2 years ago)

My dog only has one eye.

Well, I saw her again when I went down for dinner. She wasn’t feeling too good. She was just kinda lying down on her little bed/bean bag, whining and groaning a bit. She really looked kinda down. She got up when she saw my dad about to go outside, but after that she went back and lay down again. On a side note, it looks like she’s had a lobotomy.

I wish your dog the best.

And his ear filled with blood once and they had to cut it open and drain it. Got 40-100 mL not counting all the blood on the table and their clothes.

Ok, Epic has successfully upstaged me.

Yeah, sorry about that.

Originally posted by Manus Dei
The worst part about having pets is knowing they’ll be gone someday.

This is quite true. I have a cat that I’ve had for 5 years now, since he was a kitten (and if I ever find the son of a bitch who put him in a plastic bag and left him in a dumpster in the middle of a -30 cold snap to die, the beating he’s going to get will be just the tip of the fucking iceberg), and there have been times where that cat’s been the only friend in the world I had. Sounds hokey, but it’s the honest to god truth. The three hours that he was missing one time was enough of a freak out. I don’t even want to think about potential health problems or the eventuality of losing him. :frowning: