Poll: Pets

Used to have a German Shepherd called George. We had to put him down because he was really viscious.
Used to have a cat named Moggie. Had to put her down beacause she was 18 and had seizures.
Used to have a different cat called Putty Tat. He was a bastard so we sent to a farm where he kills rats.
Have a semi-grown kitten called Loner. He likes to catch, kill and eat mouse babies. :booster:

An obese cat named Holly.

I currently have 2 cats: a 6 or 7 year old black cat named Harlum, and a ~8 month old tan kitten named Simba. Both are ridiculously laidback.

Ok, no cat is going to take place the cat I had had as fattest cat ever. At one point, about 8 years ago she had got so fat she couldn’t move. And now she’s gone.

I had four german shepards. Five tiger fish.

We have 4 cats:

Adrian (she’s a longhaired black cat who’s a little too high-class and prissy)

Marvin (a very friendly black cat who loves playing outside)

Sage (a cat who walks with her head tilted 45 degrees because of a brain disorder)

And my favourite cat, Domi! He’s a white and black furred kitty, and he’s the most friendly and loyal pet I have ever had.

A dove named ‘Angel’ because she fell out of her nest (fallen angel), a Finch named ‘Ford’ (after Ford Prefect from the Hitchhiker’s Guide, of course), and a parakeet named Yuki because she has a lot of white colored feathers on her head and back.

Kitty named Sierra.

a cat named Vlekje, she’s 13 and dementing
she’s not gonna be around for long but when she’s gone and I’m out of my parental house (in one year) I’m gonna get myself a cute little kitty, gonna name her Konijn (the Dutch word for Rabbit) and laugh at her name all day

My girlfriend has a little pomeranian named Lucifer (Lucy for short).

I have a cat, a grey tabby of thirteen (he will be fourteen in November) years named Tiger. His original name was Tigger (we adopted him when he was two), , but we renamed him Tiger, because we liked that better. He has FIV, the feline equivalent of HIV, which he got through fighting with another cat and having contact with wounds, through which he must have had contact with the infected cat’s blood. He almost died of a very bad general infection about four years ago, but was saved through (costly) surgery and intensive care. He used to be an outdoor cat, but now he only allow him to go outside on a leash, lest he spread the disease, for he is quite pugnacious. The chance that the disease could spread even through fighting is very small, but it still exists, so we watch him. Otherwise, Tiger is quite an affectionate (to humans, at least) cat and sheds a lot of fur.

I have a 1 year old cat named Angel.

I wanted to name her Azrael. :slight_smile: