Poll: Pets

I have a border collie [not pure], male, 1 year old. His name is Oreo [since he’s black and white on his coat].

Any pets?

Also is a lop ear rabbit named Butterfly, which I forgot to mention.

3 Cats

1 Ferret

18 koi

and some dogs that I dont care to mention

2 dogs, a beagle named Lady June and a blue heeler mix(my puppy ^^) Suzu.
and 6 cats:
Sky, Cocoa, Mican, Weggie, Eleanor, and Sweety(my kitty).
No more fish, they all died, I’m pretty sure most of them commited suicide or got eaten by the cats.

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My kitty is about 3 years old, not sure and is a tuxedo cat? That’s where they are black and white, right? Corresponding name is Oreo ;p

Then dumb dog is a 2 year golden retriver named tobey. There are or were a few fish in the fishtank.

YOU HAVE EIGHTEEN KOI!? You’re my fucking GOD, Char.

I have an 8 year old doggy (white samoyed husky/golden retriever), Artemis:


And a 13 year old cat (mixed?), Charly:


Carmie, a Chihuahua mixed with something else small, but she’s really fat.
Tinkerbell, my new female kitty ^^
Socks, My brother’s male cat, no claws, no balls.
Some fish in my brother’s room

when i was little we had alot pets (and other animals that i wouldn’t call “pet”), now i live alone and have no pet. i’d like to have a wolf like the ones in wolf’s rain.

i don’t remember all the animals we had, 5 dogs, 2 cats, 4 paraceeds, 4 hamsters, 1 raven, some rabbits, about 100 sheep, 2 turtoises, 1 donkey, and some others i forgot.
but we didn’t had them all at the same time, of course.

A cat and a tarantulla.

Well all of my pets have been killed off (mostly run over) and all I’ve got is a Simeese (sp?) cat that I want to kill. That’s my mom’s though.

3 cats. I had 4 not so long ago, but one of them died a few weeks ago. :confused:

4 guinea pigs

One dog named Tasha.

One cat named Missy.

Tasha’s 4, and Missy’s 10. Turning 11 in a couple of months.

2 gerbils.
one is so fat it can’t even walk and the other one shits everywhere, the li’l bastard. :fungah:

One Grey, White, and Peach colored Tabby cat that’s 9 monthes old named Katie, and I’m gonna get a Siamese/Persian mix kitten.

hmm lets see, i never had a mix, i have 1 dog now. She is a pug and soo adorable!!! :biggrin: Her name is ‘Lotus’ as in the flower and shes 1 1/2 years old. all my past dogs ,(we’re talkin about at least ten) :eek: had gone away , dont know how…not much of a cat person ::dekar!:: , i dislike them. never had a cat in my life. though i would love a python! :victoly:

I have nothing. ;_;

two kitties, well they are my girl friend’s kitties, but we live togather sooooo, MY KITTIES.

and i have two back home with my parents… so in total I KINDA have 4