Poll: Is it likely that you will ever marry?

I would like to, but I know I never will. I have more important things to do. Sad, terrible destinies to fulfill…

I haven’t met some one I want to marry. It’s difficult to deside if you really meet one.

Marriage? More than likely…if anyone can put up with me! :mwahaha:

I would love to get married someday. But only if the right person came along.

For I hate people who get married for the wrong reasons, and end up hurting each other in the process. I don’t want to be like that.

I’m single if anyone wants to hook up. =P

Been married and divorced already. :fungah:

yes… maybe. i hope one day i will meet someone who can truly love me for who i am.

she wouldent have to be cute or rich or for that matter anything like me.

if i did get married i would make sure the wedding would be like that of a fantasy. with a masquirade ball ( not the corny ones we have today where geeks dress up like final fantasy characters but the old ones where everyone dressed there best and wore a tiny mask that covered there eyes.)

she would be whering a streaming white dress like yuna’s.

and the guest list would include she hulk and the dancing playboy bunnies as entertainment.

sigh wouldent that be grand? :moogle:

yes… I will.

Only IF I find someone I get to love, and who loves me back. Which are NEVER sure things. But if doesn’t happen, I’m not worried. I know for a fact that fulfilling society’s expectations -getting married, having kids, etc.- do NOT garantee happiness. We all gotta find our own way.

Probably<!-- . -->

Everyone tells me, esp. women, that I’d make a great husband over a boyfriend (I have “nice guy syndrome” according to them :thud: ), so I believe that I’ll marry and it’ll probably work out. Guess I’m just an optimist despite my appreciation for despair.com

Optimism is a good thing. Never lose it.

Optimism is a great thing… to steal from people leaving them hopeless husks of flesh!

Nice guy syndrom, while making good husbands, need to be a boyfriend before that part :stuck_out_tongue:



oh yeah… I’m gonna marry a nice little rockbitch and we’ll be headbanging happy forever… till death, or a real intense moshpit do us part… At least that’s what I’d like… Even tho keep seeing some really nice girls around lately who aren’t into metal at all but still like me… strange beings we are indeed

you know i think there actualy a song about a guy falleing in love witha heavy metal/ punk rockgirl. i cant remember what its called but its really catchy. :moogle:

I dun want a punk-rock girl… even though they’re spreading like hell these days… but they’re so… foolish… with their fckin avril lavigne looks… god I hate that… You know who’s like my perfect woman… Angela Gossow -leadsinger from Arch Enemy… she’s hot!

my dream woman would be… ryoko.

unless of corse were only allowed to pick real people then i would pick anna faris.

shes hot and a good actor. :moogle:

I’d like to, but I definetley have to wait awhile.


<font size=“1”>cough eh, I might sometime >.>;</font>