Poll: Is it likely that you will ever marry?

I used “is it likely” because it’s all pretty unpredictable as these matrimonial matters go. Just tell what you think [yes or no with a reason] about if you’ll ever marry as of this moment.

Same sex also applies.

Next time you poll people, try adding a poll.

<Unless they don’t come up with an equal alternative.>

Most likely not.

Depends on who.

Most unlikely.

Yes ^^ And very soon i hope. Nothing like spending the rest of your life with someone that you want to grow old with.

Yes, indeed. :moogle:

No idea. Highly unlikely, but I’m sick and tired of worrying in advance. One thing though, if it ever does happen, it will have to be with someone truly remarkable, one of a kind, someone special and unique.
I can’t believe I’ve said all this… ^^; runs away

Most likely yes. My traditional values dictate that I get married. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I can’t stand being alone.

Of course!

Most likely.

Probably, but not in the near future.

Most likely.

If by marrage you mean wild nightly orgy, then yes.

If you mean that whole ring junk, then no. Rings aren’t my thing.


As long as she can stand me being up long nights spending hours on a puzzle or boss battle while attempting to eat the dinner she cooked for me around 1 1/2 hours ago I think it could work. Oh and she has to be able to rub feet that is a must! As long as she can put up with my quirks I would be willing to do anything for her and make concessions as well.

Seeing as I am already married. . . I suppose so.

I could spend my life being perfectly happy married or not. I guess it’ll be up to the guy. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope to some day. I’d like to have a family, once I finish college and get a secure job.