Poll from the new guy

Hi everyone. I’ve known about RPGC for a long time now, but only decided to join now. I’m a collector of PS1 games, not just RPGs [except they do make up half of what I have]. If you want to AIM me, the handle is miltank85. Cheers.

Poll: What RPG was the first you ever bought?

Mine was FF8, and it still remains my fav FF.

First RPG I ever bought…

Final Fantasy VI from a flea market for $5. I remember the exact settings and everything. To be completely honest, I don’t think I even knew what Final Fantasy was back then, although I had played Secret of Mana before that.

Chrono Trigger.

I can never find a copy of Chrono Trigger. First time and only time I’ve ever seen one, I didn’t have the $8 to buy it with, so I came back the next day and it was already gone…

Pokemon, to my perpetual embarassment.

Never bought one, don’t even own a game system.

FF6 was the first RPG I got, and it’s what got me into the FF series. FF8 is my absolute favorite, but FF6 is a very close second because its sheer coolness makes up for lack of graphics.

I’m pretty sure it was Dragon Warrior. My friend had Dragon Warrior 3 and I’d played it a couple times, thus my love of a genre began. If not DW, than Final Fantasy. Ah, classic, if not impressive, games.

Something on mega drive, wonderboy? I think it might have been.

Bought FF6 for PS1!

Big Nutter
But got given Pokémon and FF9 (Abit Scratched)

It was FF7. I had never really been into them before, but a friend ensisted I check it out. So I did, and I’ve been hooked ever since.

I can remember it all, apart from the name of the friend who suggested it in the first place. How strange.

Wonderboy 3 for the Master System, remains to this day about the best side-scrolling action/adventure/RPG game of its ilk X-D As for “classical” RPGs… hmm… probably FFVII, come to think about it :expressionless:

Lufia 1 for the SNES.

Earthbound for SNES. First game I ever knew about, loved, played, and bought. it is a milestone for me. When I sold my SNES I couldn’t part with it…which is good. I wanted to play it like a year later and borrowed my cousin’s SNES. Ah my byootiful Earthbound kisses carttridge

Pokemon for me as well although I actually like the games… I just don’t like anything else Pokemon, unless it has Eevee on it.

Probably Final Fantasy for Nes.

I’m pretty sure mine was Final Fantasy Tactics.

All that I can say that it was Pokemon. I am SOOOOOOO EMBARESSED.

Breath Of Fire.

And it’s still one of my favorite games.

If you count Zelda 1 as an RPG then thatw as my first. However, I would say that DW3 was my first true RPG, however, I had played DW1 and DW2 before it, I just never owned them. I did get DW1 a little later though.