Poll for Disgaea players

This is just something I was wondering about. While monsters are not as versatile as humanoids, most of them have some nifty and useful abbilities.

Do you like to use monsters? If so, whitch ones and why?

Personally, I never use them, but that’s just me. I have no reason. :hahaha;

Well i hardly ever use monstersbut thats because they cost to much in mana points,but im saving them to see if i can get something like a dragon or Cap.prinnie

I used those prinnies you get at the beginning of the game up until the start of the third episode, but otherwise I never use monsters.

You really shouldn’t need to use mana to make a monster considering you get like four just playing the game.

Prinnies, Kurtis, Hogmeister, Medraus don’t kill me for spelling this is off the top of my head

Not to mention the secret characters:

Prier, Majorly, Baal