Poll: Final Fantasy IV

:moogle: Name the Four Fiends in FFIV in first appearance:

A. Caignozzio; Valvalicia; Scarmiglion; Rubicante
B. Rubicante; Scarmiglion; Valvalicia; Caignozzio
C. Scarmiglion; Caignozzio; Valvalicia; Rubicante
D. Valvalicia; Caignozzio; Rubicante; Scarniglion
E. Scarmiglion; Cainozzio; Rubicante; Valvalicia
F. Caignozzio; Rubicante; Caignozzio; Scarniglion
G. Rubicante; Valvalicia; Cainozzio; Scarmiglion
H. Scarmiglion; Valvalicia; Caignozzio; Rubicante

:wave: Hints:

:enguard: The FIRST Fiend attacks you on a MOUTAIN with the EARTH
:enguard: The SECOND Fiend attacks you in a cloak to hide himself from CECIL
:enguard: The THIRD Fiend attacks in the WIND unexcepted when you rescued ROSA
:enguard: The FOURTH Fiend attacks with revengence with FIRE against his rivaly foe, EDGE the Eblana Prince



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