Poll : Favorite FPS Weapon

Avaible Games : Quake, Q2, Q3, Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, Doom, Doom 2, Doom 3, And whatever you can think off.

Name it, the effects, and the reason.

Game: Counterstrike
Gun: Desert Eagle
Effects: Mellon-poppin’
Reason: Easiest. Headshot. Ever.

Game : Unreal Tournament
Gun : Plasma Rifle (Link Gun in UT2k3)
Effects : High-speed fire rate of plasma shots, constant beam on alt-fire.
Reason : High and constant damage for a decent rate of fire.

No. 4 from BF1942

Easy sniping without need for a scope, nice accuracy, and 5 round magazine that doesn’t zoom back out. Plus, you can carry exp. packs and mines and a wrench.

Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Item: Injection
Effects: Bringing dead team-mates back to life
Reason: Poison kills, I love hearing enemies scream.

Game : Time Splitters 2
Gun : defensive turret
Effects : Machine-gun fire
Reason : shoot enemies from the safety of the center of you base using the remote Mini gun! This beauty never runs out of ammo. What more could you want?

Game : 007 Goldeneye <br>
Gun : I know it’s not a gun but: Remote mines <br>
Effects : A remote control mine with a huge explotion. With a flick of a switch it will destroy anything nearby <br>
Reason : I love to blow things (people) apart <br>

Either the BFG10K (Quake 2, fires a large green energy ball that explodes and kills anything in the blast area) or the Redeemer (UT, fires a small thermonuclear warhead, which causes a huge explosion, vaporizing anything in the blast area, and the projectile can be steered around, allowing the user to choose exactly where to strike).